Top 10 Best Junkrat Skins in Overwatch

The explosively mad genius and possibly most frustrating character to be killed by, Junkrat.

We’ve taken all of his skins in Overwatch and ranked them. Do you agree with our list?

1. Dr. Junkenstein

The titular character prompting the storylines of every single Halloween event thus far, Dr. Junkenstein is the most iconic Junkrat skin created to date. Fitting the mad scientist role perfectly, the skin features the explosive-wielding madman in a classic scientist coat filled with concoctions of sorts, and even a electrified wheel on his back. His Riptire is one of the best parts of the skin due to the electric particle effects visible while equipped with the skin. Plus, having so many events centered around a single skin year after year has got to count for something!

The legendary skin Dr. Junkenstein can be obtained from Halloween loot boxes or purchase via credits during the seasonal event’s uptime.

2. Krampus

What’s with Junkrat and getting fantastic seasonal event skins? Krampus is another legendary skin for Junkrat that is one of the best designs, winter or otherwise, in the game currently. Junkrat here is depicted as the creepy holiday boogieman centered around the myth of punishing naughty children: Krampus. He looks terrifying and diabolical, and is surely up to no good himself. Even his Riptire looks like a heap of burning wood! His tail even caught on fire in the process.

Krampus is available in Winter loot boxes or can be purchased with credits during the Winter Wonderland seasonal event period.

3. Beachrat

Beachrat is the next legendary skin to hit the list and features a partially sunburned Junkrat at home near the ocean. Sporting shades and an inflatable rubber ducky tube as his Riptire with this skin, the Aussie looks as though he hasn’t left the beach in at least a few days. Even his arms have floaties on them, which is probably all well and good considering two of his limbs are made of pure metal and may weigh a ton. At least he has plenty of sunscreen.

Beachrat can be found in Winter loot boxes (yay, Australian summer!) or purchased for credits during the Winter Wonderland seasonal event.

4. Bilgerat

Proving that every single Overwatch hero will eventually have a pirate skin, the legendary skin Bilgerat is next on the list. Displaying a dreadlock-sporting Junkrat in pirate attire (which includes a cybernetic pirate kneecap, of course), the bomb-tossing mad lad looks as if he’d be right at home on the cannons of many a pirate ship back in the seafaring privateer days. His Riptire even displays a secret treasure map, multiple cutlasses, and is made of what looks to be a discarded rum keg. ARRRR!

You can get Bilgerat yourself from Anniversary loot boxes or credit purchase during the Overwatch Anniversary seasonal event.

5. Cricket

The next legendary skin on the skin features Junkrat in the uniform of a Cricket player. As an Australian in the Overwatch universe, Junkrat is a great representative in the Summer Games to receive a skin of the sport so closely tied to his country. In fact, he evidently loves the sport so much that he replace his leg that he blew off with a cricket bat. Junkrat is such a devoted sports fan.

The legendary skin Cricket is available from Summer Games loot boxes or via credit purchase during the duration of the Summer Games seasonal event.

6. Hayseed

Hayseed is the next of Junkrat’s legendary skins to be featured on the list. The legendary skin shows Junkrat as a hay-filled Scarecrow complete with rudimentary stitches and miscellaneous machinery to fill in the bits and pieces of Junkrat and his Riptire found around the yard. His Riptire is my favorite part of the entire legendary skin, as it is merely a roll of hay with a bunch of sharp, edged blades sticking out in order to roll around and seek out its intended targets.

Best of all, Hayseed is a base legendary for Junkrat and can thus be obtained at any point via 1000 credit purchase or found through any loot box in the game.

7. Jester

Next, we have the legendary Junkrat skin Jester. Jester features a sort of medieval Junkrat which would fine solace in the court of any olde royalty with his constant hijinks perfomed (usually at his own expense). The skin features a unique hairstyle for Junkrat complete with multiple jester bells in lieu of a hat with the same, a half-shirt upper body, and a dramatic sun and moon Riptire on his back. You can practically hear Junkrat’s laugh even now, can’t you?

Like Hayseed, Jester is a base legendary and can be obtained whenever through credit purchase or any loot box in the game at random.

8. Toasted

The first of the epic Junkrat skins to be shown on the list, Toasted is a hilarious epic skin recoloring of Junkrat’s default skin design that depicts the explosion prone miscreant after one of his many failed ideas, presumably. From head to toe, Junkrat appears as if he was at the butt end of a bad cartoon inspired joke that ended up in something exploding a meter in front of him. He’s completely covered in char, and most likely smells of burned meat.

Toasted is a base epic skin and thus can be obtained for 250 credits or via any loot box in the game.

9. Firework

Junkrat’s only Lunar New Year skin is the epic skin Firework. This skin is another recoloring of his default skin design, but is cleverly stylized in red and gold festive decorations. All of his explosions are Chinese New Year fireworks instead of man-made contructs of his own creation. He looks ready to party, celebrate, and have a good time through lots and lots of pretty little explosions. As always!

Firework is obtained through Lunar loot boxes or purchase during the Lunar New Year seasonal event.

10. Circus

Last but not least is the epic skin Circus. Circus displays Junkrat in a full-on clown getup complete with facial makeup, clown nose, and over the top pink and light blue coloring just like you’d see from any circus clowns anywhere. It’s very fitting for the maniacal and accident prone Junkrat who constantly falls prey to his own machinations but ends up laughing off all his misfortunes at the end of the day in any case. No sad clowns here.

Circus is found in Archives loot boxes or can be purchased during the Archives seasonal event.

What’s your favorite Junkrat skin?

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