Top 10 Best Skins in Overwatch, alias of the top MEKA pilot in Korea and superstar gamer, has some of the greatest skins in Overwatch.

Below are our personal picks for the top ten skins in Overwatch right now.

1. Cruiser

The first of’s legendary skins to hit the list, Cruiser is a great skin for any aspiring player to own. Featuring the MEKA in a classic sky blue 50s era color and herself in rockabilly inspired attire, the skin is great for any player who wants to feel a little more retro. Best of all, the skin also augments some voice lines while she’s equipped with it, so your basic “Hello!” becomes “Hey Daddy-o!” for the added novelty.

Cruiser is available for 1000 credits or through loot boxes during the Overwatch Anniversary seasonal event.

2. Academy

A close second in both terms of quality and unique design,’s legendary skin Academy is great for any person with a penchant for high school uniforms. Displaying a younger as she appeared before her ascendance into national Korean hero during the Omnic incursions, Academy hits the second spot due to its school girl design charms. While her MEKA itself isn’t the most special, the pilot costume for this one is second to none.

Academy is available for a whopping 3000 credits or through loot boxes during the Overwatch Anniversary seasonal event.

3. Officer

Another costume for that displays her in a fairly unique design, the Police Officer legendary skin is another great choice for any player. If school girl or rockabilly isn’t your style, in her entire blue uniform might be more up your alley. The MEKA is also incredibly stylized to showcase the traditional police car motif, sirens and all included. Serve up great justice taking down those naughty members of the red team while chasing them down with your boosters and accompanying missiles.

Police Officer used to only be available through a Heroes of the Storm cross-promotional event, but now can be obtained through credits or any loot boxes.

4. Black Cat

Another legendary skin for, another costume for the MEKA pilot to play around with. Black Cat shows off a full-on cosplayer in a black cat costume complete with cat ears, tail, and all. sports a blonde wig, black dress, and tights. The MEKA even gets in the cosplay spirit with stylized ears and a tail to match on the back of the machine. Meeee-ow!

Black cat is available from any loot boxes or via credits at any point during the year.

5. Waveracer

Surf’s up! Waveracer is another legendary skin for that displays the young MEKA pilot as someone you could easily see surfing waves with a jetski, surfboard, bodyboard, or otherwise. Waveracer is strangely very fitting for as a sports skin, despite her character not seemingly displaying any interest in water sports otherwise. The MEKA decals, blue and white coloring, and’s cute pink outfit all work our really well together.

Waveracer is available from loot boxes during the Summer Games seasonal event or purchase for 3000 credits through its duration.

6. Palanquin

The next legendary skin to grace the list, Palanquin shows in a more traditional getup. The Lunar New Year skin features’s MEKA and the pilot herself in more cultural gear rather than the standard cosplay oriented skins that many of her other skins have shown us thus far. While not as eye-catching as many of the above legendary skins, Palanquin is a great choice regardless for players who want a less “in your face” sort of look.

Palanquin is available from Lunar New Year loot boxes or available for purchase via credits through the duration of the seasonal event.


What better way to celebrate your love of honey than to show off your support of the bees than make them with a legendary skin for that shows her and her MEKA in bright yellow and black honeybee motif? Aside from the name being super on point, is a great legendary base skin for any and all players who have either yet to get any of the seasonal event skins or other legendary skins above, or who just really, really enjoy honey. Or bees. Yes, the bees. is available from all loot boxes or through in-game credit purchase whenever throughout the year.

8. Junker

The next legendary skin on the list, Junker features and her MEKA looking as if they’d feel right at home in any junk or scrapyyard throughout the world. Her MEKA appears as if herself has completely rebuilt it from scratch using just the parts available to her after crash-landing in a landfill of some sort. The pilot design also has her looking like a technician or engineer suitable for such a task. Altogether really fitting in some way.

Junker is available year long through all loot boxes or 1000 credit purchase.

9. Nano

The first epic skin to be featured on the list thus far, Nano is a unique skin showcasing’s love of the soda (or sponsorship it provides…) of the same name. Nano features both the MEKA and’s outfit in a stylized green and dark blue “NANO” motif. For any players that really want to show their support of the fictional soda, or more likely just love the coloring involved, Nano is a good choice.

Nano, sadly, was only available during a special timed event from March to September 2018 and is no longer available within the game.

10. Taegeukgi

Last but not least, the epic skin Taegeukgi is the final entry to make the list. Taegeukgi is quite literally the name of the flag of South Korea, and the skin is a rendition of the colors of the South Korean flag made into a theme. As is a Korean war hero in the Overwatch universe who saved countless people from the Omnics, it’s a really fitting skin for the MEKA pilot.

Taegeugki is available from Summer Games event loot boxes or for purchase during its seasonal duration.

Do you agree with our choices? Is your favorite skin missing? Comment below with your personal picks.

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