Hunter-Seeker Borderlands 3 Legendary Grenade Overview

What is the Hunter-Seeker?

The Hunter-Seeker is a legendary grenade found exclusively in Borderlands 3. Its manufacturer is Tediore within the game.

How Do You Get the Hunter-Seeker?

Like many legendaries within Borderlands 3, the Hunter-Seeker is part of the World Drop table. Thus, it can be obtained at random from any lootable source, but has a higher chance of dropping from bosses, especially on upper Mayhem modes.

Hunter-Seeker Special Grenade Effect

“Grip tightly.”

The Hunter-Seeker has two key characteristics tied to its special effect. To start, the legendary grenade will always split into two (or three if it spawns with the Mitosis prefix). These two grenades will then seek out enemies and shoot in a straight line as they approach them.

Elemental Variations

The Hunter-Seeker can come affixed with any of the available elements, or none at all.

How to Use the Hunter-Seeker

The Hunter Seeker is great for any Moze build with massive amounts of grenade stockpiles. You can generally simply enter any encounter with grunt enemies, toss upwards of 5-10 grenades, and watch everything melt away relatively quickly.

Best of all, when your skills are set up correctly, by the end of the encounter, you’ll get all of the grenades that you used back yet again. So it’s a tactic that can be used again and again and again.

You may want to farm for a while to get the Mitosis prefix, as having an extra grenade that spawns every single time you throw a single one can mean the difference between slaying things in a time efficient manner or not. If you’re lucky, a Mitosis Hunter-Seeker that rolls Fire element is best for the majority of enemies found throughout the game.

However, some grenades such as the legendary Hex may still operate a tad better overall. Due to the Mirv effects, a sheer amount of explosions can still do more DPS sometimes.

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  1. Thanks for the correction. Haven’t seen one without an element personally, but the post had been edited to include non-elemental Hunter-Seekers as an option.

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