Top 10 Best Wrecking Ball Skins in Overwatch

The smallest of Overwatch agents to be revealed is the adorably cute, but extremely intelligent genetically engineered hamster codenamed Wrecking Ball. Loving referred to as Hammond by most players, Wrecking Ball is the most unique tank added to the game, requiring players to have a good sense of adaptability in order to use him to his fullest.

With the main visible part of Hammond being his wrecking ball outer shell, his unique physics-based gameplay relies entirely on mastery of the sphere. It makes sense that given how important this shell is that Wrecking Ball’s skins be more geared towards the actual more prominent part of his gear.

Below, you’ll find our favorite ten skins of Wrecking Ball’s skins currently in game, ranked by us at Gaming Tens.

1. Jack-O’-Lantern

Jack-O’-Lantern was first introduced during the 2018 Halloween Terror event.

An easy start to this list and one of his flashiest of skins, Wrecking Ball’s Jack-O’-Lantern skin is a familiar sight to those who have already read our Top 10 Best Halloween skins. Outfitting both wrecking ball and hamster alike in a spooky Halloween theme, this skin’s main attraction is how you’ll be rolling around as a giant pumpkin. The vivid skin catches the eye and even during victory reels and death animations, the smaller Hammond also has his own unique look.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 3000 Credits during the Halloween Terror event.

2. Submarine

Submarine was first introduced during the 2020 Anniversary event.

The Anniversary event rarely does a character wrong with introducing skins and Submarine is a wonderful addition to the event’s lineup. Submarine features the wrecking ball itself as the skin’s namesake and Hammond as the captain going 20,000 leagues under the sea! Nautical themed, it features nuts and bolts, sea lights, and even what may be a giant squid in a cute reference to the famous monster from the earlier mentioned movie.

Hammond himself is also dressed to perfection, outfitted in blue and with an adorable moustache to boot.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 3000 Credits during the Anniversary event.

3. Lunar

Lunar was first introduced during Wrecking Ball’s release.

One of Wrecking Ball’s original legendary skins released when he was initially introduced into the game, Lunar is a nice simple skin that’s a classic with any Overwatch loving player. The name gives off the impression of a lunar rover and Hammond being the cutest astronaut in all of Overwatch, using simple fresh colors to full effect.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

4. Mayham

Mayham was first introduced during Wrecking Ball’s release.

Looking exactly what it was named for, this skin is complete mayhem! Oh! Sorry! Mayham…! Hammond throws away all sense of complimenting colors and plain aesthetic in lieu for chaos and looks every bit the genius engineering a wrecking ball made up of various parts. Using only the brightest of pinks, blues, greens, and reds, Mayham is grunge from bottom to top, and that includes Hammond himself who sports a cute mohawk!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

5. Junker

Junker was first introduced during Wrecking Ball’s release.

When reading into lore, it was stated that Hammond went to Junkertown and built his wrecking ball there, so let’s just pretend that this is what he canonically built. Following the same aesthetic as Mayham, Junker is the counterpart to that skin but with realism in mind. Built in common materials that sport colors that would be more widely available in Junkertown, Wrecking Ball himself looks quite the punk with his blue mohawk and eyepatch. Say what you will, but we always prefer when Hammond looks a bit more rough around the edges!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

6. Lucioball

Lucioball was first introduced during the 2019 Summer Games event.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like during the Summer Games while playing Lucioball what it would be like to be the lucioball? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Put this skin on and you can be the only lucioball worth going after on the field! Wrecking Ball’s Lucioball skin is the perfect look for blending into the Summer Games event, even if everyone knows that you’re a hamster underneath everything. What’s even better is that Hammond himself also has his face point ready and he’s just as down to prove that Lucioball is a sport that he can easily dominate!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Summer Games event.

7. Horizon

Horizon was first introduced during Wrecking Ball’s release.

The counterpart skin to Lunar, the Wrecking Ball’s Horizon skin gives off the vague impression that it’s going after spaceship aesthetic. With Hammond’s suit looking like an astronaut, we were hard pressed to think of the wrecking ball itself as being anything other than a spaceship aptly named Horizon. Decked out prominently in orange and dark colors for offsetting accents, Wrecking Ball’s Horizon is subdued and also one to watch out for on the field.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

8. High Roller

High Roller was first introduced during the 2019 Archives event.

The first Epic skin on our list and a fan favorite, High Roller is a change of aesthetic for Wrecking Ball fans. Hammond’s sunglasses are rather popular and the matte black look of the wrecking ball itself make the skin quite attractive as it’s rolling down over enemies. Decked out in black and gold and red accents, High Roller is a subdued skin but not one to be underestimated in terms of pure affection from the playerbase that uses it rather often.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 250 Credits during the Archives event.

9. Biohazard

Biohazard was first introduced during Wrecking Ball’s release.

Another Epic skin and one that returns back to Wrecking Ball’s normally very bright color palette, Biohazard is popular in-game and out. A fan favorite and given an official release as FunkoPop merchandise, it features a bright orange and black shell with black stripes and that classic biohazard warning label. Should this skin become your favorite, you can always buy the real life depiction of it and enjoy it while in game and also when in real life!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 250 Credits.

10. Wooden Ball

Wooden Ball was first introduced during Wrecking Ball’s release.

A personal favorite, this Epic skin features Hammond as a cute white hamster. His wrecking ball is given the wooden treatment and if metal isn’t your thing, you’ll be living in this skin. The textures of this skin are so pleasing and the soft tan color compliments the bright neon purple that streaks throughout the skin when it’s in combat mode. It’s easy to see why this skin caps out the top ten list, especially when seeing that cute puzzle piece with the H on it!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 250 Credits.

What Wrecking Ball skin was your favorite?

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