Top 10 Best Wraith Skins in Apex Legends

The portal-wielding, interdimensional traveler known as Wraith in Apex Legends is one of the most prominent characters of the game, despite definitely being the one character most likely to talk to themselves for hours.

Everything from her small stature, to her running being similar to “Naruto running” has made her the topic of many gamers’ woes. Back on launch, nearly every single squad death I can personally think of was orchestrated by a Wraith. Fear the tiny ninja.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the small Apex hunter or not, you can’t deny that she has some great skins in Apex, though. Below, I’ve ranked my personal favorites ten of the best Wraith skins.

1. Night Terror

Kicking off the first of the list is this skin. Night Terror is the first of Wraith’s legendary skins and my personal favorite to hit the list.

Showing Wraith off in a tribalistic sort of garb adorned in bones, and all the other ridiculous features seems so fitting for the little psychopath. I bet she collected them herself. From players like me.

Regardless of personal feelings, I love the way the bones and mesh mail come together to form a sort of armor. It makes the Legend look great. I do feel like the face paint may be a bit too much, but it also feels necessary for the look anyway.

Unfortunately, Night Terror isn’t currently available anymore. The skin was available from The Legendary Hunt, but has yet to come back. Maybe we’ll see it again in the future.

2. Quarantine 722

Second on the list is Quarantine 722. It’s another of Wraith’s legendary skins, and probably the best one out of her base legendaries.

Unlike the first skin that takes more brutal approach, this one is back to science-y…stuff. Wraith appears as if she has just broken out of containment, which I imagine is something she does frequently enough. It’s like breathing to her.

The skin shows Wraith decked our primarily in a white color scheme, with the front panel of her suit being red. The numbers 722 appear on the red panel as well. What do the numbers mean? I have no clue, but they look cool.

To make this skin your own, it’ll cost you 1200 crafting metals to make. Otherwise, good luck getting the skin from an Apex crate!

3. Void Specialist

In third place, we have the recolored pair of the previous skin. Wraith’s legendary skin, Void Specialist, is my next pick.

Although I don’t think it’s as cool as Quarantine 722, Void Specialist still has its perks. The suit and color scheme as a whole reminds me of Mileena from the more recent Mortal Kombat remakes. And considering that Wraith is compared to ninjas frequently, I think that’s pretty fitting.

The black suit and pink accents makes it look great in any case.

If you want the skin for yourself, then it’s going to cost 1200 crafting metals.

4. Vengeance Seeker

The fourth legendary Wraith skin to appear on the list takes spot number four. Vengeance Seeker is the next of Wraith’s skins.

Aside from her noticeable lack of hair (that would make the skin that much better in my opinion), the color scheme and overall suit are on point. Red and black is always a great combination in my eyes.

The many belts are also a great touch. Even if the majority of them are from the strait jacket that proves that Wraith is absolutely insane in canon.

Regardless of her sanity, you can get this skin for 1200 crafting metals or at a low chance from loot crates.

5. The Liberator

The final of Wraith’s legendary skins and fifth spot on the list goes to The Liberator. It’s a recoloring of the previous skin and another one that shows Wraith lacking hair.

As with the previous skin, the strait jacket look is a pretty great one for Wraith. This one is much more subdued in color, and looks much more like a natural insane asylum strait jacket this time around.

One can only assume by the name of the skin that Wraith and all of her insane friends are now on the loose. An entire legion of people that look like this would be pretty frightening.

As the final base legendary skin, The Liberator skin can be made through using up 1200 crafting metals in game.

6. Daemon Hunter

Finally moving on to Wraith’s epic skins, we have the first one at number six. Daemon Hunter is one of the best epic skins no matter what character it’s on.

The effect of Daemon Hunter is by far the most prominent and flashy out of all the epic skin effects. From head to toe, all of the affected area flows downward like a sort of blood-infused camo on the black suit frame.

Although Wraith is much smaller than the other Legends and has far less surface area than the likes of Caustic, Gibraltar, or any other Apex Legend, the effect still looks really nice on her.

Plus, as Daemon Hunter is an epic skin, it’ll only cost 400 crafting metals to make instead of 1200. Epic skins are several times easier than legendary ones to receive through crates though, so chances are you may get this one over time anyway.

7. Neural Net

Seventh on the list, the epic Wraith skin Neural Net takes the next spot. Neural Net is another epic skin that looks good on the majority of characters it’s available for.

While it’s not nearly as flashy as Daemon Hunter, the lines of dots flowing downward across the character’s affected suit area still looks plenty nifty. For anyone that likes the effects of epic skins, this one and Daemon Hunter are probably going to be the only real choices for you.

Neural Net is an epic skin, so it costs 400 crafting materials to make from scratch.

8. Heat Sync

We’re moving into the less than ideal epic skins at this point. Next on the list is Heat Sync, and it’s the last of the epic skins that I really enjoy on most characters.

Heat Sync isn’t the greatest choice for Wraith. The dots that appear and respawn sporadically on her armor are very limited compared to the bigger characters. Thus, the effect is kinda wasted on someone of her frame. I’m sure there are people that like the skin, but I really feel her smallness works against her in this regard.

If you disagree, however, then the skin can be purchased for 400 crafting metals.

9. Hack the System

For the final two epic skins, these ones are skins I generally wouldn’t recommend for Wraith. They still beat out rare skins, however. Coming in an ninth place, we have the next epic skin: Hack the System.

For claity’s sake, Hack the System is not a bad skin. In fact, I actually really enjoy the effect and seeing the wind-blade-like particles soaring across the armor sets of any character that can use it.

However, for Wraith in particular, this is another effect that just doesn’t really work well with her size. The blades disappear that much sooner and travel a lot less due to her stature.

Still, there are worse skins out there, and I do love the color green.

In any case, the epic skin costs 400 crafting metals to make if it’s what you absolutely want for Wraith.

10. Fiber Optics

Finally, in last place we have the final of Wraith’s base epic skins: Fiber Optics. Fiber Optics is nearly always at the last of the epics for me, and that’s always going to be because it’s the single epic skin that is the least flashy out of all of them.

The effect of Fiber Optics merely has blue lines randomly stray across the black portions of her suit. Once again due to her size, they don’t occur often and they’re gone before you know it.

There are other skins, epic or otherwise, that stand out a lot more than Fiber Optics. For that reason, I recommend using them instead of this one.

However, if this is the only skin you’ve gotten for Wraith so far, then go ahead and use it. Wearing an epic skin still beats out wearing the default!

You probably aren’t going to buy the skin with crafting metals, but it’s 400 metals if you do!

What’s your favorite Wraith skin?

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