Top 10 Best Winston Skins in Overwatch

The leader of the organization Overwatch, Winston is one of those tried and true characters of the franchise. Largely overlooked due to the cast of characters being so diverse, a good Winston still easily changes the pace of any match. His rush in and disruption tactics make him a great tank and his devastating Ult totally is opposite of his positive personality!

Even though Winston is one of the original characters of Overwatch, his choice of skins isn’t as large, but there are still plenty of choices when it comes to Winston skins. We’ve taken all of Winston’s current skins and ranked them by what our personal favorites are. Let’s make like Winston and jump right into the list!

1. Gargoyle

Gargoyle was first introduced during the 2019 Anniversary event.

Starting off the list strong right out the gate, the Gargoyle skin is Winston’s most recognizable skin and definitely the fan favorite of all players. Completely changing up Winston’s normally sweet look with fierceness, Gargoyle is modeled with a dark aesthetic mixed with cathedral window designs on his armor. With Winston’s imposing size, the skin just towers over regular players and it strikes fear in anyone when Winston comes jumping into the fray.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Anniversary event.

2. Wukong

Wukong was first introduced during the 2017 Lunar New Year event.

Winston is already in the primate family so why not go further and become the Monkey King? This skin is based off the legendary Sun Wukong in Journey to the West and he’s one of the most well known mythical icons in Chinese literature. While suited to the more futuristic Overwatch aesthetic, there are still nods to traditional Sun Wukong Chinese decoration. It’s one of our favorite skins and features a change from Winston’s dark look to instead a sunny brown and the traditional markings of the Monkey King.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Lunar New Year event.

3. Yeti

Yeti was first introduced during the 2016 Winter Wonderland event.

The first major skin that was released for Winston that drastically changed his look, fans were wild for this one when it initially dropped. It’s easy to see why indeed since it completes changes Winston from an ape to a legendary yeti. Decked out in white fur, bones and rope and even the coolest backpack we’ve ever seen, the Yeti skin is an easy favorite!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Winter Wonderland event.

4. Specimen 28

Specimen 28 was first introduced during the 2018 Archives event.

It’s well known that we have a soft spot for any skin that expands the lore of Overwatch’s setting. This skin is certainly on this list just for the sole reason that this is Winston’s official outfit from when he was a test subject living inside the Horizon Lunar Colony. Decked out in beige armor and test wires going everywhere, this look is a beauty just becaue it’s not as polished as all his other looks are. If one wants an official Winston look, that’s great, but this is Winston before his glorious reign as leader of Overwatch.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 3000 Credits during the Archives event.

5. Catcher

Catcher was first introduced during the 2018 Summer Games event.

Wanting that summer fun? Catcher is that great choice for Winston. Released during the Summer Games, it features Winston as a baseball catcher and even has one hidden away in his chest armor for fun. A white baseball uniform shirt paired with red padding everywhere, it’s actually a great choice for Winston since we can see him wanting to share in the sport with his fellow Overwatch members.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 3000 Credits during the Summer Games event.

6. Undersea

Undersea was first introduced during the game’s launch.

There have been a few diver suits featured throughout the cast of Overwatch characters that were eventually released, but Winston was the original diver in the crew. Undersea features an orange diving suit, oxygen tanks for his backpack, and even a full scuba mask that sits on top of his head. It’s the perfect look for people who have a love of scuba or really just love the color orange.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

7. Horizon

Horizon was first introduced during the game’s launch.

A nod to the Horizon Lunar Colony, this skin is nice and simple and features an orange under suit with silver armor. Due to it being an Epic skin, it’s a great starter for players who aren’t so lucky with Legendary drops. In our opinion, such a simple look on Winston is divine and owing to its origin being somewhat connected to lore…well, you know how we adore lore based skins.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 250 credits.

8. Frogston

Frogston was first introduced during the game’s launch.

Want the dark aesthetic that Gargoyle has but you don’t own it or the Archives event isn’t around? Well, the variant coloring of Undersea is a good choice. Frogton is a darkly colored scuba diving set that is perfect for that Winston player first starting out. No bells or whistles, the skin is simple understated badassary and we can’t fault a good clean skin with a dark sleek look.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

9. Explorer

Explorer was first introduced during the game’s launch.

One of Winston’s original legendaries, it was a fan favorite just because of how much it changed up Winston’s original look. Featuring him in a jungle explorer look with binoculars, hat, and a suave moustache, this Winston is ready for adventure. The color palette is one of his normal ones but it’s just how dapper he looks that can’t be ignore. Who can resist that charming face when he’s swooping in and about to Ult? We know we can’t.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

10. Desert

Desert was first introduced during the game’s launch.

The last look on this list, it’s also one of the simplest but there’s nothing ever wrong with a simple look, is there? This Epic skin is good for those who want a cheap option or aren’t lucky enough for Legendary drops. It features Winston wearing a desert camo print on his armor and it’s a nice color against his dark fur. While it may not be the flashiest of them all, Desert is perfect for that Winston who just wants to jump into the action and jump out without creating a giant fuss.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 250 Credits.

What Winston skin was your favorite?

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