Top 10 Best Tracer Skins in Overwatch

The poster child of Overwatch and arguably the main mascot, Tracer is a friendly high energy character that’s made for chaos. An offensive DPS known for speed and breaking enemy lines, the quick teleportation and bomb throwing tactics of this Brit are made for any player willing to brave the backlines and cause devastation!

As one of the original characters of Overwatch, there are plenty of choices when it comes to Tracer skins. We’ve taken all of Tracer’s current skins and ranked them by what our personal favorites are. Let us know you agree!

1. Graffiti

Graffiti was first introduced during the 2017 Anniversary event.

We’re going to start this list off with a beloved fan favorite. The Graffiti skin was introduced during the 2017 Anniversary event and has been dominating as the preferred Tracer skin ever since. Tracer looks great in any casual look, but this one is especially great. The blue sweater and splash of colorful leggings are made to impress and combine that with the fact that you can tag anything you want in game… Well, let’s just that this Tracer skin is just on the list of things that just make sense!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Anniversary event.

2. Punk

Punk was first introduced during the launch of Overwatch.

A personal and another fan favorite, if you’re not being mowed down in Graffiti, a fellow Tracer is wearing this one instead! A wonderful look into British punk aesthetic, this skin is colorful and classic all in one. Bright pink leggings underneath leather and a Union Jack just to remind everyone of where she’s from, this skin also boasts unique voice lines that put Tracer right at home in the U.K. To hear what she says, just wreak some havoc and get those eliminations happening!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

3. Slipstream

Slipstream was first introduced with the purchase of the Overwatch: Origins edition of the game.

Cooling looking skins are great but skins based on lore are awesome as well! Slipstream is Tracer’s pilot uniform from the time before her accident that caused her to have to wear the chronal accelerator permanently. The pilot’s uniform features vivid blue and bright yellow accents and the name of the Slipstream plane on her pant leg.

How to Obtain: Purchase of the Overwatch: Origins edition.

4. Track and Field

Track and Field was first introduced during the 2016 Summer Games event.

A fun casual Legendary skin, Track and Field is one of two skins that were released during the 2016 Summer Games event. While both are racing uniforms and features unique voice lines, this one edges out in terms of popularity due to its better color scheme. The Union Jack colors are perfect on Tracer and the giant flag makes it fun to spot any Tracer wearing this particular skin out on the field.

Plus, one can’t go wrong with the fact that the skin swaps out Tracer’s chronal accelerator with a stopwatch!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Summer Games event.

5. Jingle

Jingle was first introduced during the 2016 Winter Wonderland event.

Feeling the Christmas spirit even in the middle of summer? Is it the new Winter Wonderland and it’s time to swap all your skins? Jingle has got you covered in every situation! Jingle features plenty of unique voice lines while Tracer is wearing the skin and if that isn’t enough, just look at it. Dressed head to toe in green and being the perfect perky elf, there’s really no better character to ho-ho-ho all the way to the mistletoe! Or a Team Kill, whatever floats your boat, really.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Winter Wonderland event.

6. Cadet Oxton

Cadet Oxton was first introduced during the 2017 Archives event.

Another lore appropriate skin and pretty subdued in terms of color palette, Cadet Oxton is the uniform that Tracer wore when she was a cadet. Though she usually wears bold colors, this skin is the complete opposite for Tracer. A mix of black, minimal gray, and that sharp blue, the sleek Cadet Oxton is perfect for players who just want to get in and get out and keep things professional. An added bonus is that the colors tend to make this skin a bit harder to see when a map is set to nighttime.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Archives Event.

7. Will-O’-Wisp

Will-o’-Wisp was first introduced during the 2019 Halloween Terror event.

Tracer’s Will-o’-Wisp skin made it onto our list of the Top 10 Best Halloween skins so that clearly means it needs to be here, too! This skin is perfect for when Halloween comes! The subdued color palette is offset with the pops of vibrant color and the accessories of this skin are just so fantastical looking. Even better, this skin features such a unique facial appearance that it makes all the animations for Tracer seem like brand new!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Halloween Terror event.

8. Hong Gildong

Hong Gildong was first introduced during the 2019 Lunar New Year event.

This skin’s appearance is nice, but it’s the inspiration that really drives it home as one of Tracer’s best skins. Based off a 17th century Korean novel, the Hong Gildong skin is aptly named for the book’s main character: Hong Gil Dong. Better known as the Korean Robin Hood that kind of character is absolutely perfect for Tracer! The outfit features traditional patterns but also that unique Overwatch aesthetic in all their themed costumes.

Anyone can see Tracer getting up to all kinds of righteous trouble while wearing this skin!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 3000 Credits during the Lunar New Year event.

9. Mach T

Mach T was first introduced with the release of Overwatch.

One of the four base legendaries that were released when Overwatch first came out, Mach T is a classic of any Tracer player. Featuring unique voice lines that are all very Speed Racer in nature, the fun of this skin doesn’t stop there! The bright colorful nature of it can be seen from top to bottom with the bright blue and orange accents everywhere. It’s one of the fan favorites and even though it’s one of the oldest, for some reason you can still see speed demons wearing this skin as they mow down the enemy lines.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

10. Rose

Rose was first introduced during the 2017 Lunar New Year event.

The only Epic skin on this list (yeah, sorry…but all her legendaries are just so cool), it’s surprising just how much love this skin gets. Tracer fans everywhere love this dark, toned down skin with its rose accent patterns. It’s unusual for Tracer to be wearing so much black and maybe that’s why players love it so much where there are still more choices out there? We know that that is why it was chosen to be in the top ten best Tracer skins!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 250 Credits during the Lunar New Year event.

What Tracer skin was your favorite?

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