Top 10 Best Torbjörn Skins in Overwatch

A lean, mean fighting machine, Torbjörn is power packed into a small package. Not able to carry a party, a Torbjörn amongst a team that’s even somewhat solid can shield him enough to create nothing but havoc. Pure chaos when he gets his turrets positioned and his shields in order, Torbjörn players are skilled in pushing players around and creating points impossible to traverse.

A fun-loving, energetic father figure in Overwatch, many of Torbjörn’s skins reflect that lighthearted attitude. We’ve sorted through all of Torbjörn’s current skins and ranked them by our personal favorites! Let us know if you agree.

1. Magni

Magni was first introduced at 2017 BlizzCon.

Announced during BlizzCon in grand form under the banner ‘BlizzardWorld‘, the Magni skin was designed with the idea of a collaboration with World of Warcraft. Based entirely on the armor of Magni Bronzebeard, Torbjörn is the perfect choice for such a look. Switching up his normally blond beard with Magni’s signature ginger color, Torbjörn wears Magni’s armor excellently. The dark and gold colors work well off each other and Torbjörn strikes a majestic appearance as he runs across the various maps.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

2. Viking

Viking was first introduced during the 2016 Halloween Terror event.

Another added to the list for the sole reason of ‘things that just make sense‘, the Viking skin seemed absolutely perfect for Torbjörn. The Halloween Terror event is used to show the players spooky costumes, but also the personalities of the characters themselves given that sometimes their costumes are featured in comics. Before another skin was added to a comic, players could easily see Torbjörn dressing up as a Viking. The skin features leather armor, a fur cape, and the famous Mjolnir as his signature weapon.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Halloween Terror event.

3. Zhang Fei

Zhang Fei was first introduced during the 2019 Lunar New Year event.

The Lunar New Year event can sometimes be just Chinese-inspired looks, but in 2019 there were a lot of nods to literature or real life people or professions. In this skin’s case, Zhang Fei was based on the famous Chinese general of the Three Kingdoms and who was later romanticized in a book ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms.’ All this means is that the skin gets a nod from us since we’re history buffs here and we love when Blizzard uses real life inspiration for skin references. The outfit features navy blue and gold accented armor with some light Chinese motifs. It’s not their most heavily inspired look, but we do appreciate the effort.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 3000 Credits during the Lunar New Year event.

4. Santaclad

Santaclad was first introduced during the 2016 Winter Wonderland event.

Fourth on the list was a classic fan favorite when it was released. We were sure that when it was first released that one was hard-pressed to find a Torbjörn not using the skin! Decked out in the classic Santa suit of red and white, Torbjörn shows his holiday spirit with very little effort. Unfortunately, you’ll have to figure out if you’re out on the naughty or nice list as he’s building turrets and about to wreck your party… Good luck with that!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Winter Wonderland event.

5. Ironclad

Ironclad was first introduced during the 2017 Archives event.

The Archives event is known for good lore based skins and this one is no exception. We like the idea of a younger Torbjörn here that’s before his time in Overwatch. Hardy and hale, the blast from the past is a nice change compared to the older man we’re used to seeing. The skin itself is rather simple, featuring Torbjörn in worker’s jeans and harnesses and a white tank top. His love of gears is shown throughout the outfit and the combination of colors just makes a nice look.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Archives event.

6. Surf ‘n’ Splash

Surf ‘n’ Splash was first introduced during the 2019 Summer Games event.

One almost doesn’t have to say anything about this skin. Just point to the picture and we can move on from there. Introduced during the Summer Games when everyone else was also getting swimsuits, it would’ve been wickedly unfair if Torbjörn was left out of all the fun. Well, Blizzard decided that he’d make a huge splash with this look. Replacing his standard hammer with a pool floaty and his worker’s bag with a backpack and sand castle pieces…this look really is just beach fun from top to bottom. It’s also a fan favorite so it definitely deserves a place on this list!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Summer Games event.

7. Barbarossa

Barbarossa was first introduced with the release of Overwatch.

Rounding out the seventh spot on the list with another fan favorite, Barbarossa was the end all be all skin for the longest time until the events came around. One of the first major reworkings of Torbjörn’s look, this pirate look is perfection from top to bottom. Replacing his leg and hand with a peg leg and a hook, Torbjörn cuts a menacing pirate Captain. Add to the fact that this skin comes with unique voice lines whenever an elimination occurs and we can see why this skin was popular enough to maintain its dedicated fanbase once other skins had been released.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

8. Cybjörn

Cybjörn was first introduced during the 2017 Anniversary event.

Armor plating and blues aren’t that unique throughout the various skins found in Overwatch, but Cybjörn was added to the list purely for his face and beard. His armor is especially cool looking, but when compared to the magnificence that is that beard…well, what can we say? We’re suckers for a good beard.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 3000 Credits during the Anniversary event.

9. Deadlock

Deadlock was first introduced during the release of Overwatch.

Say no more, biker Torbjörn stole our hearts back in the day. Featured in typical motorcycle leathers and tattoos, Torbjörn makes a perfect biker even knowing he’s that embarrassing dad figure. Replacing his signature hammer with a lovely pipe and his blond hair with a bushy white beard and braided hair, Deadlock is perfect in how signature the overall look is. It’s also pretty amusing thinking that it was named Deadlock (the gang that also is prominent in Overwatch) like it was just a common biker gang.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

10. Tre Kronor

Tre Kronor was first introduced during the 2017 Summer Games event.

We love when skins tie into a character’s home roots and one honestly can’t do that more than this skin already does. If you hadn’t guessed or known that Torbjörn was from Sweden, well, this skin doesn’t shy away from it. In Sweden’s national colors and with the symbol prominent front and center, this skin screams country pride. As silly as it can look, for some reason we just love it on Torbjörn. It’s also adorable given that this skin pairs with his daughter’s own – seen on our Top 10 Brigette’s Skins list- in a cute father-daughter moment.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 250 Credits during the Summer Games event.

What Torbjörn skin was your favorite?

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