Top 10 Best Sombra Skins in Overwatch

The resident Queen of Stealth, Sombra may not be known as the most powerful of Overwatch’s cast of characters but when used correctly, she’s one of the most devastating! Whether you’re messing with the other team by blocking access to their much needed recovery items or assisting in a full-team wipe by negating their Ults, Sombra does everything with style and flash! And of course that definitely counts the skins Blizzard released for her!

Below, we’ve taken all of Sombra’s skins and ranked them by what our personal favorites are. Let us know if you agree, or tell us your own favorite!

1. Face Changer

Face Changer was first introduced during the 2020 Lunar New Year event.

The Face Changer skin is an easy opening to this list! Face Changer is based off the ancient Chinese dramatic art Bian Lian. Just like the performers that are known to cycle through various masks, Sombra’s own face will change through six different faces when performing various actions. Her garb is still very much Sombra’s preferred colors, but it definitely boasts that traditional Sichuan opera aesthetic. The Legendary Face Changer is a player favorite and it’s hard not to see why when paired with various highlight intros that show off her changing face masks.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 3000 Credits during the Lunar New Year Event.

2. Talon

Talon was first introduced during the 2019 Archives event.

The Archives event usually boasts some of the coolest skins offered in the game and one of Sombra’s coolest skins can be found there. As an operative of Talon, it’s only natural that Sombra get her own personal official look and this one hardly disappoints. Outfitted in typical Talon colors, the sleek look becomes Sombra who usually has a much more colorful palette to all her skins. While toned down, this skin still easily stands out as one Sombra’s toughest and under the radar!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Archives Event.

3. Rime

Rime was first introduced during the 2017 Winter Wonderland event.

Next up on the list is a player favorite and it’s easy to see why with its icy appearance and overall theme of an ice dragon! The Legendary Rime boasts brightly colored splashes of different blues and has Sombra looking downright fierce with white hair and scaled armor. If you’re not afraid of freezing your opponents in place with how vibrant the skin looks, Rime is perfect Sombra skin for any player who wants that unique winter look.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Winter Wonderland Event.

4. Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter was first informally introduced during the 2019 Halloween Terror event.

Sombra’s Demon Hunter skin made it onto our list of the Top 10 Best Halloween skins so it’s no surprise to see it make an appearance on this list as well! Based off a Diablo III demon hunter look, Sombra’s glowing hidden eyes and dark color palette make this legendary skin a sure-fire badass Sombra look! Hopefully you managed to grab this skin while it was more widely available in 2019, but if not… Well, it’ll surely come back around one day!

How to Obtain: Previously only available through a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket-exclusive. Was also available during 2019 Week 3 Halloween challenge, and again during the 2021 BlizzCon Virtual Ticket.

5. Tulum

Tulum was first introduced during the 2017 Summer Games event.

Fans of Sombra either hate this skin or love it, but it was definitely one that garnered lots of commotion on either side of the fence! The Legendary Tulum is Sombra’s most casual look in the game and features her in a lowkey diver’s suit complete with diving fins and goggles for that good fun under the sun! Additionally, it also is one of her more restrained in terms of color choices. Detailed with dark colors and only that small shock of neon green, it’s very sleek and restrained. It’s an easy win for those who want a quieter look for her, but also still want to see the fun of summer take off!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Summer Games Event.

6. Bride

Bride was first introduced during the 2018 Halloween Terror event.

A personal highlight of the Halloween Terror event skins, the Bride is based off the classic Bride of Frankenstein. Bride features an appearance that all fans of classic horror would easily recognize! Decked in white, dirty bandages, and that famous shock of white streaked against black hair, the Bride is an easy win for horror fans as well as the casual Sombra player.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits during the Halloween Terror Event.

7. Cyberspace

Cyberspace was first introduced during Sombra’s initial launch.

One of the four base legendary skins that Sombra was released with, Cyberspace is a tried and true for any Sombra player. Featuring a futuristic design of dark cloth, silver armor, and cool sky blue accents, Cyberspace gives off the appearance of Sombra amongst her element in a world of tech. One of the easiest skins to obtain in the game currently as it doesn’t require an event, it wouldn’t be unusual to acquire this skin while working on one of the skins higher up on this very list.

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

8. Los Muertos

Los Muertos was first introduced during Sombra’s initial launch.

Another Legendary that was released with Sombra’s introduction into the game, Los Muertos gives a nod to Sombra’s culture and quite literally is the name for the Day of the Dead. Owing to its name, Los Muertos features traditional colors as well as a a neon skeleton that makes up the iconic skull paint that the day prides itself on. The Sombra skin is a win from top to bottom and isn’t higher on the list only because Sombra’s list of skins has just become that jam-packed full of other skins that are just that much more badass in comparison!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 1000 Credits.

9. Peppermint

Peppermint was first introduced during the 2018 Winter Wonderland event.

It’s not all legendaries on this list, we promise! Peppermint was one of Sombra’s first event skins released in Overwatch and it turned out to be rather adorable! This Epic skin features classic Christmas colors with red, white stripes and that cool green that just makes one long for the very candy that the skin is named after. An easy win just by its price tag, this skin will make a nice fun choice for those winter months when you wanna show your Christmas spirit!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 250 Credits during the Winter Wonderland Event.

10. Mexicana

Mexicana was first introduced during the 2018 Summer Games event.

Another Epic Sombra skin, Mexicana is another nod to Sombra’s heritage by featuring the colors of Mexico’s flag colors. Unfortunately, while we do like it, Sombra comes off looking more like an Andies mint more than patriotic…but somehow that works for her! A nice, fun skin that’s just packed with green, if that’s a favorite color then this costume is an obvious win!

How to Obtain: Any Loot Box or 250 Credits during the Winter Wonderland Event.

What Sombra skin was your favorite?

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