Top 10 Best Soldier 76 Skins in Overwatch

One of the most iconic and central characters in all of Overwatch, Jack “Soldier: 76” Morrison is a staple in the roster of the popular FPS hero game. He’s a consistent hitscan counter to many other “annoying” heroes in the game. Plus, he’s also the easiest to get the hang of when coming from a different FPS game.

Below, you’ll find all of our top ten Soldier: 76 skins ranked by our opinions for those of you who want the old man to walk (or run!) in style.

1. Grillmaster: 76

How to Obtain: Summer Games Loot Boxes or 1000 Credits during the Event

First up on the list is the essential “dad” skin for Soldier: 76, the legendary summer skin Grillmaster: 76.

Here, Soldier is decorated with all of the utensils, tools, condiments, spices, and other tactical hydration units across a very dad-like design. He’s well-prepared to grill any and all food in sight. The Hawaiian shirt and socks and sandals just complete the aged look.

2. Formal: 76

How to Obtain: Archives Loot Boxes or 1000 Credits during the Event

In second is a notably more distinguished look for Jack, the legendary skin Formal: 76.

Formal: 76 displays Soldier in his decorative military uniform, complete with countless medals and badges. It’s a very nifty, clean getup for him that many will appreciate compared to other less classy outfits available for him. If it’s not your style though, no problem. There are plenty of others below!

3. Strike Commander Morrison

How to Obtain: Unlocked through Purchasing the Origins, Legendary, or Game of the Year Edition of Overwatch

In third place, we have one of the oldest skins in the game available for Soldier: 76, his legendary skin, Commander Morrison.

Commander Morrison is a skin that comes with the special editions of the game, which originally was only the Overwatch: Origins edition. Hence, it displays the original incarnation of Jack Morrison as he was during the prime of Overwatch. Here, Jack is in his Overwatch uniform that he wore while commanding the entire organization. It’s still one of the greatest skins for Soldier to this day, depending on how much you enjoy the “Boy Scout” look.

4. Cyborg: 76

How to Obtain: Anniversary Loot Boxes or 1000 Credits during the Event

Next up in the fourth slot, we have one of the most unique skins available for Soldier: 76, the legendary skin Cyborg: 76.

Here, Soldier: 76 takes a page out of the Cyrax and Sektor designs of Mortal Kombat fandom, and is assimilated into machinery. Seeing as much of the Overwatch roster already has robotic prosthetics and other various augmentations, perhaps this skin shows Soldier in a very real, if not twisted, possible reality. Regardless of your take on this skin, it’s a nice one for anyone with a penchant for metalworks.

5. Slasher: 76

How to Obtain: Halloween Loot Boxes or 1000 Credits during the Event

In fifth place, we have the legendary Halloween-themed skin for Soldier, Slasher: 76.

Slasher:76 is a great skin that pays homage to one of the most iconic horror movie Slasher villains, Jason Voorhees himself. The various scars, slashes, gouges, and general battered and tattered design lends itself to a fairly great overall outfit. The orange flames coming from under the mouth are just the cherry on top.

6. Immortal

How to Obtain: Halloween Loot Boxes or 250 Credits during the Event

In sixth place is a surprise, an epic skin beating out legendary rarity ones! The epic skin Immortal is our next best choice for Soldier: 76.

We love this skin. It’s another one of Soldier’s that pays homage to another iconic figure, the King of Pop himself. Here, Jack is shown wearing the iconic jacket from Michael Jackson’s Thriller that is perhaps the single most notable jacket in all of history. While it’s not a spectacularly intricate design by any means, its simplicity and well-done coloring results in this one being a great choice for your go-to Soldier skin regardless.

7. Daredevil: 76

How to Obtain: ANY Loot Boxes or 1000 Credits throughout the entire year

Coming in next at number seven on the list is one of the default, base legendary skins that came with Soldier since the launch of the game, Daredevil: 76.

Goofy facial hair aside, we love the overall design. It reminds us of historic stuntmen such as Knievel. In fact, the suit that Soldier wears here look very similar to a lot of the ones that Evil wore while performing many of his stunts throughout the decades. All in all, it’s a good one for those who love the flashiness.

8. Alpine: 76

How to Obtain: Winter Loot Boxes or 1000 Credits during the Event

Next up in eighth place is yet another legendary skin for Soldier, the wintery skin Alpine: 76.

To be completely honest, this one is one of my least favorite legendary winter skins in the game. Though it’s not bad as a tactical, nuanced design for Soldier, we were expecting him to receive something more fantastical, such as a “Jack Frost” Jack Morrison skin. Regardless, the helmet and armor are done really well here, and it has its own place in the opinions of some of us out there.

9. Venom

How to Obtain: Anniversary Loot Boxes or 250 Credits during the Event

In ninth place is our second and final of the two epic skins to be featured, the epic skin Venom.

While this one isn’t even close to being as iconic and strong as the Immortal epic skin featured higher in this list, we think the coloring and mask alone give this one a much-deserved spot nevertheless. The teal, black, and red colors used look fantastic together as well. It’s an excellent rendition based off the standard Soldier: 76 design that we can all get behind.

10. Commando: 76

How to Obtain: ANY Loot Boxes or 1000 Credits throughout the entire year

Finally, taking the tenth and last place on the list is the last of the legendary skins to make it, Commando: 76.

Like the Alpine skins in eighth, this is another legendary skin that we had a lot of debate over. Some people really love the camouflage and tactical markings that he dons here. Other find it far too cookie-cutter and by the book though. Still, it’s not a bad skin overall. Go with this one if you haven’t managed to get any better seasonal legendary skins for the hero yet!

What’s your favorite Soldier: 76 skin?

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