10 Things I Loved About Dragon Age: Inquisition

Though the Dragon Age series has been around for quite some time, it always felt like a hidden gem of sorts for a lot of fans. Since its humble beginnings that is still considered vastly superior, the series has come quite a long way. With its latest installment of Inquisition, Dragon Age finally feels like it was propelled into a more mainstream franchise property of BioWare.

With Dragon Age 4 on the way and appearing to be the first sequel that they’ve ever produced in the main series, it made me think back to my original playthrough of Inquisition and all the things that I loved about it.

With no further suspense, let’s get rolling on the 10 things I loved about Dragon Age: Inquisition. Spoiler warning though if you have yet to play because I’m about to spoil everything.

1. Solas

I was a little late to the punch when it came to playing Dragon Age: Inquisition so by the time I did start, everyone around me basically had warned that Solas was a bald elf who had zero appeal. I went into the game thinking that Solas just wouldn’t appeal to me (I had my eye on Cullen) and years later, I still have a massive crush on him. From our first conversation that resulted in a rather bold flirt to how each and every interaction with him felt so personal and yet distant, I loved his reserved personality and just how deeply the reserves of his emotions went.

Add in the reveal of him being among the elven pantheon of gods – the Evanuris – as Fen’harel, who was responsible for the banishment of his own fellow gods and the sealing of creation magic, and he just becomes the epitome of how great of a character can be produced by a set of writers.

2. Playing as a Female Lavellan

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20150604184646

If you ever wondered which race was the best one to play as in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the very real and honest answer is as an elf. If you don’t want to romance Solas, you can be a male but if you want every last drop of that emotional drama, you’ll need to pick a female elf and romance him. The game intentionally focuses on elven lore (specifically Dalish and ancient) and if you’re not an elf, a lot of it just doesn’t really apply to you. As an elf though, the story interacts with your Inquisitor in a very real way and you find yourself more invested in the happenings through the reflection of what your own race goes through.

Plus, if you’re an elf when you head into Trespasser, the game visually changes how you can see the world vs. players of another race.

3. The Amazing Music

If the visuals of the world weren’t beautiful enough on their own (and don’t worry, I’ll get to them) the music composed by Trevor Morris is actually even more stunning than the world of Thedas. Each cutscene is beautifully enhanced with the music, each area has a distinct musical thumbprint, and even the romance theme becomes more complex as you dive deeper in the various romances that you undergo with the characters. It really cannot be expressed just how amazing the soundtrack for Dragon Age: Inquisition is.

4. The World of Thedas

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20150602172333

As I stated earlier, the world of Thedas is beautiful in every aspect of the word. Graphically stunning and rich in lore, each location that you visit has a deep history behind it that can only come from the fact that Thedas is a world that has been lovingly crafted over the course of a few games. Whereas previous games focus on different cultures and races, Inquisition specifically targets elven lore and paints such a vivid picture of ancient life that you yearn for it even knowing that it’ll destroy everything you currently know.

5. The Bittersweet Solavellan Romance 

No romance is as bittersweet or tumultuous as the one between your female Lavellan and Solas. He spends most of the game keeping your Inquisitor at arm’s length and failing at it so fantastically. His words and actions are always at odds with what he wants and as he allows you closer, he enlightens your character and raises them up intellectually and spiritually…only to end up abandoning you for his own world-shattering cause.

It’s basically a meme how no Inquisitor suffers quite like a Solavellan one, and as bittersweet as it is, there’s nothing that enhances the game more.

6. The Romance Options

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20150527181542

But even if you choose not to romance Solas, the game still offers plenty in that department through the various other characters. The cast of Inquisition is full of characters that are hilarious, serious, innocent and lovable in their own ways. Their more in depth stories that you unlock through their romances easily makes you want to replay the game over and over again just to see what every character is like behind that original first impression.

Just don’t pull a Solavellan and end up romancing Solas again…

7. The Branching Paths

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20150603230843

More and more RPGs are making your choices matter in serious ways and Inquisition is no different in that department. If you played the previous two games, the game allows you to import that data into Inquisition for a world that is completely custom-made to the choices you made every step of the way. Various characters from past games appear and leave their fates in your hands. Every choice you make in Inquisition matters and when the game is done, you’ll see just how you impacted the world and where it stands in regards to you.

8. The DLC — Trespasser

The DLC available for Inquisition can be skipped for the most part (if you don’t mind missing out on dat rich lore!), but unfortunately if you want the entire story of the game, you gotta shell out at least for Trespasser. The conclusion to the game and the beginnings of Dragon Age 4, it takes place about two years post base game and sees some of your choices brought back to bite you in the butt. The music in the DLC is especially good and the voice acting is top-notch and always on point in comparison to the base game.

The main draw of Trespasser though is the continuation of lore that was begun in the base game. Focusing specifically on the ancient elves, the Evanuris, and the world before the Fade came to be, you follow after Solas as you discover old truths of his very ancient origins.

The ending of Trespasser is especially amazing if you’ve previously romanced or even befriended Solas! Simply said, it’s an amazing DLC.

9. How You’re Da Boss

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20150601213611

One of the best things about Inquisition is how you’re the boss of everything and everyone. No matter the power that each character has in the story, you’re the boss of a band of people who literally don’t take orders from anyone or hold any sort of allegiance to any other authority. You call the shots from start to finish and everyone has to fall in line or get pushed out of the way.

It feels nice to be da boss.

10. The Community — Dev and Fandom

After everything has been said about the game and all the hours I spent playing it, once I was done it was amazing seeing just how expansive the community behind it was. The fandom is incredibly diverse and welcoming and driven to expand the lore as best they can and the developers at BioWare do the same by answering any tweets put their way. The love that the game inspired from people is amazing and to see how they’ve expressed it is incredible even now.

In the wake of Dragon Age 4 basically being confirmed as the sequel with Solas as the potential main villain, the community around the game has bolstered again and begun the long journey of delving back into the world of Dragon Age.

But what did you love most about Dragon Age: Inquisition?

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