Top Ten Best Raid Bosses in Final Fantasy XIV

What is an MMO without the end game? No, not collecting glamour! Geez! The other end game! The raid scene! Final Fantasy XIV is no exception to the MMO name with its hefty offerings of raid content! Casual or hardcore, everyone can get into the raid scene even just for the story. Set with a normal and Savage mode, the fights are accessible for all and offer differing rewards for which one you’re doing. It’s the end game that pleases pretty much everyone.

Now what Final Fantasy would this be without its amazing cast of raid bosses? Well, this MMO is packed to the gills with some of the best raid bosses that can be seen in the Final Fantasy series as a whole. We’ve taken all of the current bosses in the game and ranked them by what our personal favorites are. Let’s execute that active time maneuver and get going!

1. Nael deus Darnus

Starting off this list is the one and only Baha– Nope! I’m sure it was expected for good ol’ dragon boy to be the best raid boss, but that honor goes to Nael herself. The final boss of the Second Coil of Bahamut, Nael deus Darnus made her mark in the fan community as a heavily debated topic because of her gender and how the English version handled the translation of it. There’s a lot of history there, but that’s for the lore book to delve into more.

As a raid boss, Nael took no prisoners and tolerated zero nonsense. She demanded precision, careful add control, and a watchful eye for differing elements, mechanics that dictated whether you were going in or out, and which direction divebombs were coming in. All at the same time. And that’s if you didn’t get knocked back into the wall from the Heavensfall. Or your tank didn’t eat it immediately due to her hitting like an absolute truck all the time. Yeah, this stuff is par the course for any raid boss, but back then it was an adventure to find a group skilled enough to take her down.

And none of this begins to cover her as the secondary boss of UCoB. She’s the main stop gate of the fight, easily being considered the toughest portion of the fight that most groups never see beyond. As such, she’s the rightful winner of best raid boss!

2. Living Liquid

The great destroyer of the raid scene. The only possible second spot for best raid bosses. The Gordias tier was already forcing people out of the raid scene with the first two bosses, but those that managed to get beyond that were firmly put in their place against the Living Liquid. Challenging every raider to ever go against him, Living Liquid hit like a truck, soaked damage like a brick wall, and forced healers to heal so often that Bards were crying all day long. The fear of him was as renowned as his eventual nickname that spread throughout the community like wildfire: Pepsi man. Hilariously enough, despite beating the raiding scene down to a pulp, we all still loved him.

And then the Epic of Alexander was introduced with Living Liquid as the first boss. Easily considered the hardest part of the fight both because of its front-loaded nature and how easy it is to screw up, Living Liquid brings back all his usual tricks…except now worse. And yet when it was shown on the stream, people shouted, “Pepsi Man” with both love and fear…

3. Neo Exdeath

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy XIV, you’re no stranger as to why Neo Exdeath is here on this list so high up. If not, we already spoke about him in our overall Best Bosses in FFXIV article! The final raid boss of the first tier of the Omega raid series, Neo Exdeath finished the first raid tier of Stormblood with a standing ovation. For non-raiders, his fight was an absolute joy to watch other streamers play through, and as a raider, he was utter pain and misery. Our largest raid boss to date, Neo Exdeath challenged the party in a way that no one understood before. His fight introduced brand new mechanics that have since carried over into many other fights. Thankfully Grand Cross Omega stayed purely in his fight arena…

Though when Omega becomes an ultimate one day, no one is looking forward to his no doubt eventual return and the souped-up version of the dreaded Grand Cross Omega.

4. God Kefka

The second final boss of the Omega raid tier, Kefka jumped onto the scene with fanfare and amazement. No one expected him at all, but once as a raid boss, he stayed and earned the title. Another door boss fight, the players were expected to get through a brutal but smaller Kefka form that demanded a heavy DPS check…only to return as God Kefka. If people thought his first form was hard, no. No, the second was worse and why he deserves to be on this best raid boss list.

Just to start off, the healer check in this fight was intense. The mechanics demanded absolute perfect execution from DPS largely in part of needing to be close enough for precisely-timed heals or else suffering death. Everyone had to be on their game and note his changing mechanics, his heavy use of field-wide spells, and yeah, need to say it again…the immense amount of heals needed. It was a fight worthy of the fan favorite clown.

5. Brute Justice

Do you like learning three different boss fights? Check! Do you like being duped into thinking the boss is dead only for it to refill its HP? Check! Oh, and do you like Transformers? Check! Awesome! Well, you’ve just described Brute Justice. As a raid boss, everyone was absolutely thrilled with the magical mech. In a good way!

The pieces that make up Brute Justice were fought in a previous fight, but they’re back and this time with a vengeance! The fight starts off with the main base piece of Brute Justice and then once you defeat that, his various components come down for their rematch. And then once you defeat those again, you get a wild transformation that’s a reminder of Voltron where they combine together to create the actual boss of the fight. A crazy version of the normal mode, everything hurts and there’s just so many random mechanics to move for. It’s such a position intense fight! And just when you think it’s over… Nope! The HP stays at 0.1% and then he transforms again! Now you gotta do it all over again!

And like the best of Alexander’s bosses (like Living Liquid for instance), yep, Brute Justice comes back for more action in the Epic of Alexander!

6. Melusine

There’s something we haven’t spoken about once in this entire article… Despite the difficulty of these bosses, none of them ever got any major reworks. Well, we’re about to change that. Meet Melusine of Second Coil fame. The toughest raid boss of second coil until Nael herself, Melusine was pure misery for any team. She has adds, petrifying gazes, shrieks that destroyed your party if they weren’t paying attention, and debuffs for everyone to handle separately. All that while a random person in your party kited an add to ensure everyone stayed safe. For the entire fight.

Yeah, she was too difficult for majority of raiders. Not Gordias levels that took out even the midcore raiders, but enough so that Square Enix decided a change was in order. She’s still somewhat difficult post her complete re-work but it just pales in comparison to the horror that she used to bring to the field.

7. Titan (Eden)

The big man himself returns! We also put him in our other list as well because he’s just that cool. In the Eden tier raid, Titan returns from his long slumber in the form of a pumped-up gym jock that suddenly loves the outdoors. Armed with boxing gloves and an ATV, he became the first final boss when Shadowbringers released its raid. And that’s as far as the love for him goes…

As a raid boss, Titan was brutal! The raid teams could go on at length about how hard he hit, how many AOEs he spat out, the pure distance one had to cover on the field, and just why the terror of Uplifts plagued teams left and right. Nothing comes close to suffering through it though. Titan returned to the stage as a formidable boss in glorious form and he’ll always be remembered for literally driving over players as he dominated the field.

8. Bahamut Prime

Yeah yeah, we’re sure you’re shouting about why Bahamut Prime is so low on this list in particular if he was so high up on the best overall bosses. Well, that’s because we’re only taking his raid version into account. Bahamut as a character is an incredible boss and the ultimate and entire raid centered around him only adds to why he is a great boss. But as a raid boss, his fight is great when it just focuses on him. However, the majority of Turn 13 is an add based fight with Bahamut playing an overall smaller role except for the beginning and end.

However, while the add phases are a slog, the parts where the fight absolutely shine as we said are when he’s front and center. The king of dragons casually hit tanks like a truck, and he made your party run around to dodge and place his mechanics accordingly all while taking damage and dodging Twintania…

9. Raktapaksa

Garuda was an exciting extreme, wasn’t she? Ifrit wasn’t too bad either. Now imagine them both together…and sexy. That’s the beloved Raktapaksa! The combined form of Garuda and Ifrit that appears in the second Eden raid series, it’s yet another rehashing of your imagination going wild when told to think about the elements.

Well, besides the eye candy, the fight is a relatively smooth ride in the Savage version. It’s certainly not the worst in terms of what it makes the players go through and at times, it’s quite funny… It’s certainly amusing to see Raktapaksa kick a ball of fire like he’s playing FIFA. Oh, and sending people in the air if they screw up the tankbuster or stacking appropriately. Now, the regular version… Something about it makes people crazy and screw up often. It’s just one of those fights that the regular version feels worse for some reason.

10. Twintania

Imagine you’re a raider back when A Realm Reborn came out. Think of it as you’re bright-faced and eager to go at whatever boss the Binding Coil of Bahamut might send your way. It’s gonna be fun, right? No. No, it’s not. If Nael was the second most requested FC/LS clear request of the players, Twintania was the most requested for the longest time.

The last boss of the first tier, Twintania did not mess around at all. Fighting on the palm of the real Bahamut’s hand, she and her band of adds put the players through their paces relentlessly. It even forced the players to use their pets back when instead of actual human bodies to soak damage. Tormenting divebombs issues, add management, and OMG, PLEASE move out of your twister! Twintania was just… Awful.

And again, that’s all before she came back again in the Final Coil of Bahamut in the final fight, and as the first boss for the Ultimate version. Do you hate divebombs in Final Fantasy XIV? Yeah, you have the raid boss Twintania to thank for that.

Which was your favorite raid boss?

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