Top Ten of the Most Expensive, Purchasable Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV

Mount farming is for most players the literal bread and butter of all MMO life. There’s nothing quite like rolling into a zone mounted up on something that you know others don’t have. Final Fantasy XIV is no exception to that, offering some of the rarest mounts ever to be seen. However, one doesn’t always want to necessarily grind content for a mount… So let’s think about the other path available. Yep, we’re talking about the luxury of flashing that shiny pouch of gil!

We’ve compiled a full list of the most expensive, purchasable mounts ever to grace the game and the Marketboard and ranked them by what the current price for them is. Get that gil ready, cause we’re about to get to it!

1. Gilded Mikoshi

It comes as no surprise that at the top of this list is a literal gil sink mount, the Gilded Mikoshi. Introduced by Yoshi P for patch 5.5, it’s the most expensive mount in the game just as a base line. Bought with cold hard gil in Mor Dhona, the mount itself doesn’t spare any expense to show off how gaudy and grandeur it is. Gold Namazu, a gilded mikoshi, and founts of gil showering you as you step, it makes one think of the famous Game of Thrones line, “Gold will be their crowns, gold their shrouds.”

It’s literally gold everywhere you go made worse when using the animation that comes standard with the Mikoshi mount.

How to Get: Purchasable for 50 million Gil from Edelina in Mor Dhona (22.2 – 4.9).

2. Resplendent Vessel of Ronka

The second and slightly more attainable of the gil sink mounts introduced in patch 5.5, the Resplendent Vessel of Ronka. How befitting that such a loved creature would become adorned in gold. A fan favorite sidequest, the golden serpent of Ronka is housed inside a glittering golden vase and features a showering pool of gil. Just like the Gilded Mikoshi, it retains its original’s animation but somehow it just makes it look more resplendent than usual.

How to Get: Purchasable for 25 million Gil from Tabeth in Eulmore.

3. Construct VI-S

Feeling nostalgic for olden times? Your memory quite purposefully blanking when you remember all the wipes you endured during the original primal trials? Wonderful! Then you’ll particularly enjoy grinding for the Construct VI-S! One of the mount rewards for completing the various Unreal trials and accruing its currency, the Construct VI-S is usually the most expensive of mounts that you can also grind in game for. Built by kobolds, this golem features a marvelously vibrant red paint job and glowing furnace lights.

How to Get: Purchasable with 600 Faux Leaves obtained through completing Unreal Trials via Faux Hollows, or through the Marketboard.

4. Black Pegasus

Fourth on the list is the long-time standing Black Pegasus mount! Its appearance on the list isn’t a surprise at all since its debut, it’s frequently bounced between 10 million gil at its lowest and 25 million at its highest. If you’re looking to grind for this bad boy, you’re looking at quite the journey. One has to complete the Palace of the Dead questline and then grind out their weapon and armor levels to max level all before one can even start on where this mount is. Only then can you attempt the descent to the floors where the Black Pegasus gold-trimmed sack can be found… It’s all RNG based and you can easily fall prey to the entire climb down since you’ll need to start either at floor 51 or 100 with a pre-made party or solo.

Or…you know, you can walk to the marketboard and click that Purchase button.

How to Get: Randomly Obtained as a reward from gold-trimmed sacks obtained from hoards found in the lowers levels (151+) of Palace of the Dead, or through the Marketboard.

5. Incitatus

Wait? You really were nostalgic for the old primal trials? You want more? Perfect! A blast from the past in terms of appearance, the Incitatus is the perfect addition to your hoard of horses that you already no doubt obtained through the original extreme trials. Even more glowy and raining cherry blossom petals, the Incitatus was the original reward granted through the Unreal trials and is the rarer of the two given its softer appearance.

How to Get: Purchasable with 600 Faux Leaves obtained through completing Unreal Trials via Faux Hollows OR via One Khloe’s Gold Certificate of Commendation

6. Eldthurs

Beloved Eldthurs takes the sixth spot on our list! Eureka as a whole was quite the divisive content with the playerbase, but one thing that everyone agreed on was that it’s always been a place to make money. The emotes that used to come exclusively from there, the mounts and minions that still do, everything about that place is designed for exclusivity and expense. If you’re looking to grind this out yourself, you’ll need to complete Eureka Anemos and Pagos before even attempting Pyros…and then get ready for lots and lots of bunny fates. You’ll be following those little cuties many times over for a gold lockbox that holds the most beloved Eldthurs.

But you know what we say to that, right? *points to the Marketboard*

How to Get: Randomly Obtained as a reward from Gold Lockboxes found via Happy Bunny FATEs within Eureka Pyros, or through the Marketboard.

7. Eurekan Petrel

Seventh on the list and one that interchanges with Eldthurs quite often depending on the current mood of the Eureka goers, the Eurekan Petrel is quite the beauty. Glowing most beautifully with its natural blue and white bioluminescence, the Eurekan Petrel can be found all the way at the end of the Eureka journey. One must grind through Anemos, Pagos, and Pyros, all before they can resume their great love affair with bunny FATEs in Hydatos.

Due to the price tag not being super crazy, the Eurekan Petrel is easily one mount that should be purchased through the Marketboard rather than grinding out all four zones of Eureka.

How to Get: Randomly Obtained as a reward from Gold Lockboxes found via Happy Bunny FATEs within Eureka Hydatos, or through the Marketboard.

8. Dodo

So Palace of the Dead wasn’t your thing and the Black Pegasus was a bit too expensive? Got it! The Dodo is definitely for you then! In patch 4.35 Heaven-on-High was introduced! The Deep Dungeon of Stormblood, it was considered far easier than PoTD. Climbing up only 100 floors rather than down a full 200, once you grinded out your weapon/armor aetherpool levels to max, you could set your sights on the top! The Dodo mount is a perfect prize without even going to the top. A perfect Dodo with its ruffled plumage and charming self, this mount is actually really hilarious to ride on. Your Warrior of Light just looks so inelegant when the thing takes off flying or running, holding onto dear life.

How to Get: Randomly Obtained as a reward from platinum-haloed sacks obtained from hoards found on the higher floors (71-100) of Heaven-on-High, or through the Marketboard.

9. Deinonychus

In terms of grinding, these next two mounts aren’t actually the worse. With a bit of luck, one can just get it to drop in the content but that’s hardly the point of this list, right? Deinonychus is the gorgeous rare reward from the final chest of the assault on the Dalriada. Unlocked once you’re max rank in the Resistance storyline that deals with the Bozjan resistance, the Dalriada pops pretty frequently so it provides ample opportunity to grab in game.

But if the allure of riding a blue-striped Deinonychus that has these tiny cute wings that flap when it flies proves too hard to resist… The marketboard awaits. It won’t even put you back too terribly far since the price tends to hover around 4-5 million gil.

How to Get: Randomly Obtained as a reward from the final chest in Dalriada, or through the Marketboard.

10. Gabriel Mark III

Last on the list is the super cool looking Gabriel Mark III. Its silver non-glowy variant comes from the Bozjan southern front, but this bad boy can be found in the second Resistance instance area: Delubrum Reginae. Needing to grind to rank 10 in the Bozjan Southern Front and complete Castrum Lacus Litore, Delubrum Reginae and your chance at Gabriel awaits. Delubrum is pretty easy content but it can be loooong. With runs taking up to 45 minutes at times, sometimes it’s just easier to go to the marketboard.

No matter how you get the Gabriel Mark III, it doesn’t disappoint with its gold finish and neon green light panels everywhere. When it’s not flying, it has the appearance seen above but once you’re in the air, it transforms into a plane. It’s basically two mounts in one!

How to Get: Randomly Obtained as a rare reward from Delubrum Reginae, or through the Marketboard.

Be honest… Which one did you buy? Tell us in the comments!

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