Top Ten Best Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV

The world of Final Fantasy XIV is just packed to the brim with amazing locales and dungeons that both expand the lore and the regions that they are set in. A means inside places that we wouldn’t normally be able to see, the dungeons of Final Fantasy XIV are used as a means to level, to progress the MSQ, and as great venues for screenshots.

We’ve wandered all the expansions for the best overall dungeons and ranked them by what our personal favorites are. Get those greeting macros ready, cause we’re about to get to it!

Spoiler Alert for anyone who hasn’t gone through the entirety of the MSQ

1. Amaurot

Amaurot was first featured in Shadowbringers

The crowning glory of Shadowbringers both as a zone and its dungeon form, Amaurot was simply jaw-droppingly amazing for players. When put to the reality of what happened to that hauntingly familiar city, it only steels the player against what they must do with Emet-Selch. Amaurot as a dungeon is story oriented in every way. To the way the story of its demise is narrated by Emet-Selch, how its zone markers are literally named with passages of story text that only adds to the narration, and its music has female vocals amplifying everything one is seeing, Amaurot solidifies itself as easily the best dungeon that Final Fantasy XIV can offer.

2. Ala Mhigo

Ala Mhigo was first featured in Stormblood

The final dungeon of the 4.0 expansion Stormblood, Ala Mhigo is the rebel band’s last push to get to Zenos and end the war that has raged between Ala Mhigo and Garlemald. The Eorzean Alliance push together with the Scions and throughout the dungeon the familiar leaders of the city-states can be seen defending your route both inside and outside the palace. As your path is barred, the various soldiers from all of Eorzea can be seen charting your path and helping you push through. It reminds you that as much as you’re the Warrior who can do everything, sometimes you need a full alliance to achieve the impossible.

The dungeon of Ala Mhigo rewards the player with beautiful Gyr Abanian architecture that is such a treat to the eyes. Golds, and brightly colored stonework are all seen everywhere throughout the dungeon. Your entire venture through this dungeon culminates with long-wanted rematch against Zenos (who is also featured in our list for Best Dungeon bosses) that you had been wanting since your very first encounter with the prince.

3. The Vault

The Vault was first featured in Heavensward

The Vault was known back in the day for two major things: its story purpose and just how daunting it was. As a story dungeon, you’re storming through its immense gothic halls to try and rescue Aymeric…only for tragedy to strike at the end of it. And as a leveling dungeon, this place was absolutely brutal. The enemies inside came at the the party in sheer volume that was crazy, and everything hurt so much! Barely making it through the trash pulls, there were three members of the Heavens’ Ward you had to contend with and each fight left your healer reeling.

Visually the Vault is everything one could expect from a cathedral of faith. Gorgeous stained glass panes and a sense of lighting chance as the opening shot is the orange glow of a sunset that transitions into the pink and reds of a sun setting even more. As the player you can feel time slipping away from you and your best efforts counting for naught.

4. Pharos Sirius

Pharos Sirius was first featured in A Realm Reborn

Introduced in patch 2.1, Pharos Sirius in its original form haunts the memories of players that were around for its initial release. This dungeon was misery in its finest form. Hauntingly beautiful vocals guide the party through the lighthouse and with nearly every trash pull wiping your party, you’re met with the first boss. Easy first boss, right? No. It was backwards in Pharos. The hardest boss was first! It was so hard for so long that if you managed to climb this corrupted lighthouse, you were known to be the best of the best.

When it was later nerfed, it only served to feed more players to the lighthouse. Naturally it was a fan favorite due to its unforgiving nature, so it really showed the true colors of the playerbase. We’re always happy to have a beautiful woman beat us up.

5. Anamnesis Anyder & Akadaemia Anyder

Both the Anyders were first featured in Shadowbringers

We can hear you already… “Hey wait, these are two dungeons!” Yeah, that’s true. These two dungeons are stealing the spot but honestly, you can take either one and it does the job. Both the Anyders are great dungeons just for pure visuals and expansion on the lore known for the Amaurotines and the Convocation that the Ascians hail from. The optional dungeon Akadaemia Anyder is the school that all Amaurotines studied their preferred magicks from and features the halls of Mitron, Halmarut, and Lahabrea respectively. Yes, that Lahabrea. Sharing the lore of what their preferred creation ventures went towards, the party learns amazing snippets of backstory to characters that just further serves to add to their depth.

Anamnesis Anyder is a massive storage facility of the ancients for their concepts and is hinted to be where Venat and her followers first set about resisting Zodiark by summoning Hydaelyn. Both places offer amazing visuals for those who want just more of Amaurot and its legacy.

6. Shisui of the Violet Tides

Shisui of the Violet Tides was first featured in Stormblood

Hidden away in the Turqoise Trench deep underneath the waters of the Ruby Sea, Shisui of the Violet Tides is a gorgeous tour through the culture that makes up the Raen refugees that live in the waters. Owing to the Hingashi influence, tatami flooring, paper sliding doors, and tiered and pointed rooftops can be seen throughout. However, it’s a world set apart from everyone else as evident by its visuals. A lone pearl hidden away deep underwater and newly blessed with the Khojin’s ability to breathe water, the player is sent on a mission to rescue the Princess of the Ruby Sea.

The music, the visuals, and all the sea creatures inside make Shisui of the Violet Tides an amazing addition to the dungeon roster. Even more so if the water aesthetic is something that is a fave.

7. Baelsar’s Wall

Baelsar’s Wall was first featured in Heavensward

The final stand of the rebel group led by the Griffin (who was also featured in the best dungeon boss list), Baelsar’s Wall is incredible just for what it achieves thematically and story wise. The party is set to force its way through the Garleans ranks only to be met with trickery at the top of the wall…and then utter devastation at the hands of the leader of the rebel cause.

Baelsar’s Wall was jaw dropping at the time because of its narrative impact in the game, ending an iconic character, and leaving its mark on the overworld that was felt for a patch cycle. Yea, it was no Dalamud, but seeing the hovering new moon in the Shroud near the wall was terrifying in its implications of what it could mean for Eorzea and the game.

8. The Lost City of Amdapor

The Lost City of Amdapor was first featured in A Realm Reborn

A fan favorite due to its musical score and it’s final boss Diabolos, this place is packed with visuals that are just so amazing to see. But more than the visuals is the lore that has settled in the dungeon’s very bones. So much of the lore in Final Fantasy XIV stares the player in the face and the Lost City of Amdapor is no different. It’s so casual in nature but is home to a massive war that led to the near eradication of two divisions of mage paths. The history of the Magi war is a spectacular tale and needs to be remembered when one is casually strolling through the streets of Amdapor. Ever wonder why the city is empty and hosts voidsent in its depths? Yeah. There’s a reason for all of that.

On top of that, the dungeon itself is actually quite unique. When normally in the 4-man dungeons one can just go in and smack the boss, the Lost City of Amdapor much prefers to present itself as a puzzle. Each attack has a solution and each one tests your mind rather than your ability to just push buttons.

9. The Twinning

The Twinning was first featured in Shadowbringers

The first optional dungeon released with the launch of 5.0, the Twinning was a fan favorite just because of the music. Later shooting into popularity stardom due to a Youtube video, the Twinning solidified its hold on the playerbase while doing very little itself. The setting is the opening to Syrcus Tower but immediately veers off into the bowels of the uncharted tower that you’ve yet to see in game. Knowing that you’re viewing an alternate history all around you, the lore behind the Twinning is fascinating!

Add to it a redone Alexander that Cid himself built and stored below, the Twinning was definitely one of the best dungeons the game had to offer if one wanted a good, fun time.

10. The Ghimlyt Dark

The Ghimlyt Dark was first featured in Stormblood

Another battlefield dungeon akin to Baelsar’s Wall, the fight against the Garleans this time is accompanied by all the allies you’ve made along the way in Stormblood. Again, it’s wonderful when you’re joined by the Eorzean Alliance and your allies to help you push through throngs of enemies, but this time instead of just wandering passed a fighting group, they are actually fighting beside you. You can heal them and share AOE stack markers with them. Near the end of the dungeon as well, a favorite sight to see is which NPC gets to LB3 the last Magitek Colossus that’s set to Self-Destruct. Hint hint, it’s Hien’s that’s the coolest since it shows a unique Samurai animation.

Which was your favorite dungeon?

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