Top Ten Best Dungeon Bosses in Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy series knows that in order to make a big baddie that much more exciting, you need smaller obstacles in the way to test the mettle of their heroes. The world of Final Fantasy XIV is no different! While each expansion has those jaw-dropping amazingly cinematic final battles, there’s still more than enough dungeon bosses along the way for the players to sink their teeth into. These bosses can be separate from the main story or worked alongside, but just because they aren’t the expansion’s final boss doesn’t mean they impact the story any less.

We’ve rolled down through memory lane and taken all of the current four-man dungeon bosses and ranked them by what our personal favorites are. Before we miss the DPS queue and need to wait for another 20 minutes, let’s hit that Commence and get to it!

Spoiler Alert for anyone who hasn’t gone through the entirety of the MSQ

1. The Griffin

The Griffin as seen in Baelsar’s Wall

Starting off this list with someone who just made everyone reading this want to punch the screen, the Griffin – or better known as Ilberd Feare – is perfect as a small-time villain dungeon boss. Introduced casually as early as 2.3, Ilberd set a long path of deception that had you as the Warrior of Light trusting in him and not even thinking anything of when he was promoted to Captain of the doomed Crystal Braves. But doom the Scions he did, betraying them and setting off the events of the expansion Heavensward and Stormblood alike.

While he never was given the brilliance of an 8-man trial, the importance of Ilberd was felt throughout the MSQ. As such his battle is a quick, rage-fueled descent into desperation to be taken as his last stand atop Baelsar’s Wall. Quick with his sword, powerful with his explosions, and even taking your healer hostage, the final battle of Ilberd is truly a thematically great end to this hero of Ala Mhigo and betrayer of Eorzea.

2. Avere Bravearm & Edda Pureheart

Avere and Edda as seen in Tam-Tara Deepcroft Hard Mode

Appearing as random NPCs outside of your first dungeon of Sastasha, the rag-tag party that had Avere and Edda in it serve as a stark reminder of your humble beginnings and how not everyone was as lucky as the Warrior of Light. Quickly revealing the horrors of the world of adventuring, Avere dies off-screen between missions and Edda is left to blame for her failure as a conjurer. Little did players know at the time of reading these random bits of conversation that this would one day become a storyline that everyone fell in love with.

Hailed by a surviving member of her party, you’re asked to attend a wedding and at the end of this request is Edda and Avere. Filled with wedding references of “Best Man” and “Grooms-to-be”, the dungeon is as creepy as it is hilarious. After defeating the couple, Edda returns with Avere in a few other storylines…and can be seen in the Anniversary promotional artwork. We know we’re not supposed to cheer her on, but they just make such a cute couple!

3. Consort of Sin: Forgiven Obscenity

Forgiven Obscenity as seen in Mt.Gulg

A fan favorite due to her looks and silent stoic appearance, this Sin eater was first seen while in Eulmore by the side of Vauthry looking to be quite the centerpiece in his garden of obedient creatures. Speculated by fans to be Vauthry’s own mother who fell from grace and was transformed into what you see above, Forgiven Obscenity’s true crime is that she’s Vauthry’s most loyal puppet. Throughout Mt. Gulg, she’ll make appearances while your group fights off the other recognizable figures of Vauthry’s slew of Sin eaters.

Appearing finally as the final dungeon boss and given orders to stop you by Vauthry himself, Forgiven Obscenity’s battle is beautiful and refined just as she is. With ground AOE indicators like crazy, light based group-wide attacks, and even summoning clones to assist her, her abilities keep the party on their toes until she falls under the power of darkness.

4. Siren

Siren as seen in Pharos Sirius

A blast from the past, the Siren first appeared in a random trial in the MSQ back in A Realm Reborn and was formally the mistress of the lighthouse Pharos Sirius in patch 2.1. Found all the way at the top of the deadly lighthouse, she was the cherry on top of what was already a difficult cake to eat. Players both old and new struggled to climb the corrupted lighthouse until it was later nerfed…only to make it slightly less difficult.

The Siren herself wasn’t one of the worst dungeon bosses of that place, but she was the most iconic as everyone thought she deserved to be recognized as a rightful primal. That and her fight was interesting with its musical themes, use of smaller enemies, and varying mechanics based on her location.

5. Diabolos

Diabolos as seen in The Lost City of Amdapor

The Lost City of Amdapor was already a known favorite dungeon of the fanbase and its final boss was included in that. Reappearing in the 24-man raid Void Ark storyline in Heavensward, Diabolos got his start in 2.2 as a regular dungeon boss. Known for being one of those bosses that needed coordination, the appeal of this voidsent came from his mechanics that demanded parties memorize his field! Making use of doors to safely pass through dimensional realms, the party had to keep track of which door was which so that they could open them when needed or else wipe. Also putting said players to sleep constantly and making them fend off darkness orbs… Diabolos was just an insanely hard dungeon boss.

6. Yojimbo

Yojimbo as seen in Kugane Castle

A Final Fantasy staple, Yojimbo was just a matter of time before he showed up in the setting of Final Fantasy XIV. Later on showing up as a proper 8-man trial, and even a centerpiece game in the Gold Saucer, Yojimbo got his start as the final boss of Kugane Castle in 4.0. A mercenary as always, his fight is visually entertaining as his employer (right behind him) throws gil everywhere around the arena and Yojimbo sets his dog Daigoro off to collect payment before setting to defeating you.

While the fight isn’t that difficult, it’s still fun as heck watching everyone in your party run everywhere to try and pick up the gil piles instead of Daigoro.

7. Zenos

Zenos as seen in Ala Mhigo

Yeah, we know that Zenos technically is also the final boss of Stormblood and he gets his own 8-man trial… But that’s really Shinryu to us. Seen throughout the entirety of Stormblood’s MSQ and forcing mini trial fights onto the player, the only time that one can fight Zenos proper and defeat him is at the end of the dungeon Ala Mhigo.

As a dungeon boss, Zenos is a pretty exciting battle that is different from other Garlean fights that tend to recycle the same move sets. His swords each named differently all perform separate moves independent of him eventually and for one so bulky, he really does get around the field!

8. Spectral Thief (Locke from FFVI)

Spectral Thief as seen in the Heroes’ Gauntlet

Final Fantasy XIV is known for pulling references from previous, older titles to better integrate and expand the lore inside both games. During 5.3 the Heroes’s Gauntlet introduced heroes from other worlds that were brought in to defend the First from the Warriors of Darkness. The first boss made fans with discerning eyes gasp in delight! None other than Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI, the Spectral Thief also does call backs to other FF titles.

His battle is fast paced and quite the amusing show of call backs what with his moves primarily being wind-based and even his tankbuster being called “Chicken Knife.” It’s always a delight when older characters that some younger fans of Final Fantasy may not know come back into the spotlight.

9. Mist Dragon

Mist Dragon as seen in The Burn

Another reference to a classic Final Fantasy, the Mist Dragon can find its origin from Final Fantasy IV. Summoned by Rydia’s mother and thus being responsible for her death, the summon holds a darker backstory that is left out in FFXIV. Instead, the Mist Dragon is the final dungeon boss of The Burn and it’s quite the doozy.

Giving new and experienced players trouble even when synced and revisiting content, the Mist Dragon’s fight can go from smooth to absolutely treacherous in zero time flat. One wrong move can freeze you in place, another can freeze your allies in place! Oh no, while you’re frozen, now the tank is frozen…and don’t forget to Esuna that debuff. Wait, now you gotta deal with adds and finding the Mist Dragon… Or just accidentally get frozen again, yea, that’s nice… Was that a full wipe yet?

10. Fenrir

Fenrir as seen in Snowcloak

Another one that fans thought was “done dirty”, Fenrir was a fan favorite due to his importance in the Final Fantasy XI storyline. The protector of Windurst, when people saw Fenrir in FFXIV, they thought he would be given the same reverence and love as previously seen and be made into a primal proper. The protector of Snowcloak, Fenrir was an easy enough dungeon boss, but it was nostalgia that had people wanting to see more from him.

Which was your favorite dungeon boss?

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