Top Ten Best Bosses in Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy series as a whole is known for their incredible roster of boss battles and it’s no surprise that their MMOs are packed with the same. Just by itself Final Fantasy XIV contains dungeons, raids, and trials packed with bosses that capture the attention of even the most disinterested player.

As a long time fan and player of FFXIV, it’s safe to say that we know our way around the various bosses found throughout the game. We’ve taken all of the current bosses in the game and ranked them by what our personal favorites are. Let’s get to it!

Spoiler Alert for anyone who hasn’t gone through the entirety of the MSQ

1. Bahamut Prime

Bahamut Prime as seen in The Final Coil of Bahamut: Turn 4

Bahamut has a huge history in the Final Fantasy series as being an incredible summon and boss but his mark has never been felt more than in Final Fantasy XIV. Destroying the very game for a year, Bahamut was the first major raid of A Realm Reborn and the threat of his return felt real and frightening given what the player base knew of him. Answering questions of how he was really defeated and what an Ahk Morn to the face truly felt like, it was a great start to the raiding scene.

And then Bahamut was brought back as the first Ultimate raid ever to be released. The longest of all the Ultimates with a fight time clocking in at around 19 minutes, it’s still considered the hardest fight within the game. Combining the major bosses of Binding Coil, Golden Bahamut remains the crowning glory within the fight and proves that while many other bosses have come and gone, he’s still the best there is.

2. Warrior of Light

Elidibus as seen in the Seat of Sacrifice

Yeah, yeah, Elidibus isn’t the most iconic of bosses but hear us out. After a certain Heavensward cinematic at the end, almost every player had a thought of an alternate universe idea of “what if their character was a primal”? Going further, they designed a fight based off their various jobs. Was that only the most fanatic? Oh. Okay. Well, Elidibus is that fight made real finally. Donning the veil of becoming a Warrior of Light, Elidibus summons other warriors of light in the most iconic jobs to face your own party head on. It’s as close to fighting the protagonist in a JRPG as you’re ever going to get!

On top of that, the fight is packed with so many past Final Fantasy references that it’s a joy for any longtime fan of the series. The fight contains references to Palom and Porom, Rydia, and Cecil amongst many others. It’s incredible just how many older throwbacks to older FF titles there were with this boss.

2. Knights of the Round

King Thordan and the Heavens’ Ward as seen in Thordan’s Reign

The final boss of Heavensward, Archbishop Thordan VII and his holy knights the Heavens’ Ward were a spectacle of the finest caliber. Aside from their origin being based off the summon the “Knights of the Round”, the pure visuals in the fight were some of the coolest yet seen in the game. And that’s without getting into its Extreme trial.

The extreme mode was simply a smackdown to the highest degree possible. Casual and hardcore raiders alike had to contend with its strict DPS check, its immense Heal check, and all while being the first to use heavy reliance of numerous attack positionals to ensure that you didn’t wipe your own party by putting something in the wrong spot. Needless to say, when this fight becomes an Ultimate, it’ll only serve as a reminder to all its fans that it’s come back for more.

4. Omega

Omega as seen in Alphascape V3.0

Omega or lovingly known as “Beetle Boy” took its place as the major raid of Stormblood. The master of “testing your mettle as a hero”, Omega sent boss after boss after your party until it finally decided to take the field to handle you more personally. The ultimate joy of this boss came from the fact that it was a fanboy in disguise. Every boss it pulled up from its memory banks were bosses of previous Final Fantasies. But it wasn’t Kefka that caused such frustration, it was Beetle Boy proper.

Larboard and Starboard? You know those directions? How about backwards? Well, the player base didn’t. Who knew defeating the warrior of light was as easy as calling directions and expecting us to dodge in the opposite direction. Omega’s fight was considered hectic at best and downright grueling at worst. Dodge Larboard, dodge Starboard. Now do it backwards. Tank go over there. Now there’s fire! Dodge that. Dodge this AOE. Oh, you didn’t save yourself room? That’s too bad. Dodge Larboard, dodge Starboard. Now do it backwards while in a lake of fire

5. The Thunder God Cid

The Thunder God Cid as seen in The Orbonne Monastery

Cid is a pretty well known name in the Final Fantasy series…but in Final Fantasy XIV, the name strikes fear in the hearts of those who know of the Ivalice 24-man raids. The third boss of the Orbonne Monastery, the Thunder God was a fan favorite and popular addition to the overall Ivalice raids. Players were eager to approach his arena, fresh faced and happy to see how he would test them…only to learn the truth. Thunder God Cid meant wipe after wipe after even more wipes. Orbonne Monastery in the roulette meant people dropping just because of him.

Even after being nerfed in patch 5.21, while he’s become a lot easier to deal with, it still can cause wipes when players don’t pay him the proper respect he so rightfully deserves as the best boss of the 24-man raids.

6. Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud

Famfrit as seen in The Ridorana Lighthouse

Another boss from the Ivalice 24-man raids, Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud was the first boss of the Ridorana Lighthouse. The easiest of its bosses, Famfrit still demanded fear and respect from the inattentive player who underestimated him. Water was his medium and pain was his symphony because if you looked away for even a moment and failed to recognize which way his water jug sucked in water, you would be sent flying and engulfed in a torrent of liquid death that you couldn’t escape from. Now try imagining that with water cyclones moving everywhere on the field. Famfrit didn’t tolerate players watching Netflix during his fight.

It also helps that his tankbuster was called “Tide Pod” and he forced tanks to eat them. Yes, the timing was hilarious and yes, the meme was appreciated throughout the entire community.

7. Neo Exdeath

Before Omegascape, everyone knew that the final boss they met up with was the one they were going to fight. Smaller Bahamut was smaller Bahamut and same with Alexander. Then Omegascape came in Stormblood and introduced the concept of door bosses within final fights. Exdeath was the final fight of the first Omegascape raid tier but he was not the last. No, once your party defeated him, this newer incredible form literally tore a whole in the universe just to get a chance at you. Seriously, the transition is forever on Youtube and considered the best fight transition of all time.

Neo Exdeath as a fight was a lesson in pain for every job, simply put. Healers had to contend with ticking damage, DPS and tanks were forced into running across the field and at the end no one was happy. His Grand Cross Omega prog parties filled the Partyfinder for pages. Victory against Neo Exdeath felt good.

8. Alexander Prime

Alexander Prime as seen in The Soul of the Creator

Another fan favorite in the Final Fantasy series due to its long tenure as a summon, Alexander became the raid series in Heavensward. A primal that can be found right outside Idyllshire, Alexander offered players some of the hardest raids ever to grace the game. The initial Gordias tier decimated the raiding scene, Brute Justice still is a difficult fight even unsynced. Even Alexander Prime itself was not one to be trifled with even though it was considered the easier of the final bosses. Alexander as a boss in Final Fantasy XIV went beyond its fight and provided raid tiers that were horrifying for raiders left and right. As a boss, its AOEs hit like a truck, it demanded a hefty DPS check, and it demanded everyone focus up when it started to mess with its time mechanics.

Then it all returned in full with The Epic of Alexander. It brought back the worst of all the bosses and had Alexander become the main force to contend with by the end. An incredibly epic fight worth of the Wandering Minstrel himself, Alexander is one of the best bosses ever to grace the game.

9. Titan (Eden)

Titan as seen in Eden’s Gate: Sepulture

The Eden raids saw a return to the original primals but with a twist all due to your amusing memory recollection. Frequently toted for amping up their original namesakes, Titan was given an upgrade that was hard to ignore. Besides becoming a buff man, his armor either gave him gauntlets or the ATV that literally drove around the arena. The fight was position heavy, the AOEs hurt like all heck, and the sheer amount of markers over a player’s head was daunting… Titan had come back to reclaim his title as the most difficult primal and reclaim it he did.

And if that wasn’t enough, if people wanted a chance at The Epic of Alexander (the Ultimate raid released in patch 5.11), then they needed to get through him and even farm him for their best gear.

10. The Red Girl

The Red Girl as seen in The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach

The third bosses of 24-man raids is usually considered to be the toughest of what the raid has to offer. Thunder God Cid, Ozma, and Construct 7 just to name a few. All difficult. All known to wipe people repeatedly. The Red Girl was the third boss of Paradigm’s Breach…and was she considered difficult? Yes. Oh my god. Yes. The Nier raids weren’t considered difficult overall but Red Girl didn’t get the memo apparently. She hit hard, her AOEs were on short repetitive timers, and she challenged your team to note directions very quickly and adjust for cover while also considering colors. All of that was only counting the first half of her fight… Yeah, Red Girl was amazing for not getting the memo.

Which was your favorite boss?

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