10 Things I Loved About Detroit: Become Human

Since my first introduction to Detroit: Become Human at the 2016 E3 conference, I admit that I went into it for the silliest of reasons. A native of the mitten itself, the name alone was enough to draw my curiosity to see what kind of game it would be. I was never really into such intricate adventure games like Heavy Rain or the Beyond series because replaying a game could become a tedious chore, but I knew from friends just how amazing they were.

Still, I wanted to give the game a chance cause of its name and because of the Kara tech demo that I eventually saw at a later time. All of those elements really just seemed to solidify that this would be my first foray into the works of David Cage.

Definitely a little late to the plate (but when am I not?), let’s jump right into the 10 things I loved about Detroit: Become Human. Also, spoilers beware if you haven’t played because I’m about to ruin quite a bit!

1. The Soundtrack

The story of Detroit: Become Human couldn’t be told quite as powerfully without the emotionally charged soundtrack or the variations of the tracks that change literally based on your choices while you’re playing through the chapter. Connor, Kara, and Markus each have their own specific soundtrack composed by a different person and each one thematically tells a story that can be heard through the pieces even without playing the game.

While my favorite of the three is easily the sweet and hopeful Kara’s, the creativity of Connor’s with the amazing invention of crafted sounds to synthetically bring new accents and mystery is really always a close second. The creativity of the music still baffles me long after I’ve stopped playing.

2. Connor

From the very first chapter I was a huge sucker for Connor. Blessed with the glorious face of Bryan Dechart, Connor is the perfect vessel to be introduced to the rapid-fire pace of Detroit: Become Human and how your choices can be a matter of life or death. Connor is used to effectively chase down the other two main characters and along the way he undergoes what I consider the most dramatic arc based on your choices. Falling into a messy deviancy that comes with harsh approval or not from those closest to him, or completely foregoing all that and sticking to his android roots, Connor’s chapters always took me on a ride.

3. The Relationship Between Carl and Markus

The relationship between humans and androids is a tumultuous one at best in the setting of Detroit: Become Human, but the first personal glimpse of it that we see is actually between Carl and Markus. Full of respect, understanding and care, Carl and Markus exhibit the perfect balance between what is and what could be. Simply stated as his caretaker, the relationship is quickly revealed that both consider the other family and when Markus is taken away from Carl, he uses all the lessons his father figure taught him to lead his people to freedom.

In my first playthrough Carl survived and seeing the validation of Markus’s choices with Carl’s approval was everything that I and Markus needed to continue on making the tough choices for the future of android kind.

4. The Relationship Between Hank and Connor

And it’s impossible to discuss Carl and Markus’s relationship without then heading immediately into the more up and down nature of Hank and Connor’s relationship. Starting out tense and distrusting due to Hank’s rough past and how an android was involved in the death of his son, Connor has a tough hill to climb in regards to earning the friendship of Hank. However, with the more friendly choices, Connor and Hank quickly become a rather comical duo that act like the two have been father and son all along.

Directly opposite, if you are following the Connor-Cyberlife wins path, Hank is downright hostile at every chance and considers the immortal Connor to be almost disgusting given everything that he has personally gone through. Both paths offer new sides to each character and that’s really what I loved about their dynamic.

5. The Branching Paths

It wouldn’t be a David Cage game if you didn’t need to replay it over and over again, but I loved seeing how a choice made in Detroit: Become Human quickly either led to a spiraling of events later on in the story or completely put me at a standstill with another character. With complete sections of the game just completely locked out should a character die or your fingers can’t keep up with all the quicktime actions, it was really interesting to see just what I had to do in order to get everyone to either survive the game or what I considered a more favorable outcome.

Based on how many branches of the story there are, you can easily lose any and all free time trying to get everything just right…only to fail and need to restart.

6. How Often Connor Can Die

Kara and Markus don’t have this luxury but if you fail on Connor and end up getting him killed, Cyberlife will just send another RK800 model over and you can continue your adventure through him. Earning a disapproval rating from Hank every time his synthetic partner comes back from the dead, Connor can die in pretty much every chapter regardless if you’re pro-Deviancy or pro-Cyberlife.

The deaths usually lead to pretty interesting interactions with Hank and the game has little changes to show the replacement of Connors such as memorializing the previous models and the serial numbers changing on each Connor’s jacket.

7. The RK900

A bad ending never looked so good. Should Cyberlife end up victorious at the end of Detroit: Become Human, Connor is thanked for his service to mankind by immediately being replaced by the newer model the RK900. Dismissed with the intention of being decommissioned Connor leaves while the camera stays focused on the RK900. Built taller, stronger, and more advanced the RK900 is in the game for all of two seconds before the credits roll.

Really the glory in seeing him is enhanced by the fact that you had to become the worst, slimiest version of yourself to even get to the Cyberlife wins ending. Least it was kinda worth it in the end, right?

8. Investigating as Connor

A feature that I loved but I wish was around even more intensively in the game was the ability to investigate the various incidents that were called in as Connor. Each chapter with the android featured a deviancy case that needed to be solved and it was actually more fun than I expected going around looking at all the evidence and seeing how Connor licked forensic samples and reconstructed crime scenes in a way that humans just couldn’t do.

The way through the crime scenes was pretty straightforward with the hostage situation being the only tougher one (since you’re newer to the game), but they were all pretty fun the more in depth they were.

9. The Futuristic Yet Realistic Detroit

The setting of Detroit: Become Human is a wonderful mixture of advanced technologies set in a very real world. The leaps in tech were pretty realistic with self driving cars, touch screens with computer interfaces, and phones that were still pretty normal looking. There was even a middle ground where some people still insisted on driving older cars. The future of android technology helping us just didn’t seem so out there when the world itself looked to be so close to what currently is right now.

10. The Impressive Cast

I’ve gone on about the game enough by now and the characters within, but without the dedication and talent of the actors and actresses lending their likeness and performances to the characters, the game wouldn’t have been nearly as good. Without going into a full list of the cast, let it just be said that each of them were amazing and while some of them were recognizable since I had seen them on the big screen, their likeness didn’t distract me from the role they played.

Every character made me fall in love with them or hate them bitterly and further enhanced the joy I had while playing the game.

Well now that know what my faves were, what did you love about Detroit: Become Human?

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